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We had some absolutely delicious croissants for breakfast this morning. (And you can see the remains of yesterday’s fort still in the background.) I set these out last night, and left them to proof overnight, and then just baked them this morning. Super easy, super yummy.

Then Emerson styled herself, and I picked out a dress for Addie, and we got dressed to do some Easter shopping with Nana, while we left Daddy home working on my car.

We got lunch from McD’s while out with Nana, and Addie inserted herself up under Emmie while she was working on her puzzle.

As soon as we got back home from our errands, I got both girls down for their naps. They had woken up at 6am,and then played hard at home, and then we shopped for a few hours, and they were exhausted. So they were both sound asleep in about 5 minutes flat. Jeff was still outside working on the cars and pressure washing some stuff, and I worked inside. I washed dishes, and tidied up lots of cluttered spaces all over the place. Before packing up this puzzle though, I set up my phone and did a self-timer shot to show I could pick it up like this! Love when you can do this.

Both girls took really good naps, and woke up in a better mood. Emmie actually helped me do some more tidying up, since she was awake first, and then Addie wanted to play the keyboard when she got up.

Everyone helped me clean up the living room eventually, and then we had a little bit of playtime outside. Nana let the girls pick out these bubble guns at Marshall’s today, and the loved running around with them in the backyard tonight.

We had some random leftovers and cereal for dinner tonight, but it was yummy and everyone ate well. Emerson had two bowls of cereal, Addison had one bowl of fettuccine Alfredo and one bowl of cereal, and Jeff and I both finished the leftover halves of our respective calzones from last night.

The girls had a quick bath after dinner, and we found some fresh jammies for them. I feel much better having some of the messier parts of the house cleaned up tonight, after things have been very messy and cluttered for quite some time now. These are the new $5 green dresses we got for the girls for church tomorrow, plus tennis shoes for school, and some Easter dresses and sandals too. Just gotta get this stuff put away tomorrow afternoon.

The girls shared a little pack of Oreo’s for their bedtime snack, and we watched Bluey snuggled up on the couch.

With such long afternoon naps for the girls, they were actually still pretty wide awake at their normal bedtime. So it was about 9:30 by the time we got Addie down, and about 10pm for Emmie. I’m going to re-do my nails now, and then sit down and relax after a busy day of shopping and cleaning!

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