Azaleas & Orange Blossoms

Today was a great morning at church. Megan and I were both on the worship team singing together, and Bo preached the sermon, since our pastor is on a missions trip in Nicaragua. Meg made me cry with her beautiful voice during her solo, and the Bo make me cry during his sermon. And then the toddler teacher sent these photos of this goofball 🤣

And her little best buddy, who is also in her class at daycare, so they’re with each other all day every day for 6 days a week. So much so, that Addison was singing a song tonight while I was cooking dinner, that was basically nothing but his name over & over again.

Then both girls got a lollipop from Uncle Bo’s office after church,when we went in with Aunt Meggie and the triplets. And we did matching sister pics after church, since we forgot before church. But I love these soft, casual green stripey dresses we got at Walmart yesterday. And their new matching gold sandals!

We went to lunch at Firehouse with the family after church. It was so crowded in there, with every single table full, so we enjoyed lunch in the great outdoors.

I tried to nap on the couch when we got home, but wasn’t very successful. But Emerson napped for about an hour, and Addison napped for almost three hours, and Jeff napped the day away. When Emmie woke up, we watched a movie, and she did her own little nail wraps all on her own. I just needed to help her file off some of the rough edges, but she did a pretty good job with it!

We had to wake Addison up a little after 5pm, and then we went wandering around the backyard for a while, admiring all the spring blooms. Our azalea bushes are all BURSTING with flowers in multiple colors, and our orange tree is blossoming and smells so very good.

There are still a few oranges on the tree from this past season, and we really need to get them off the tree, so the new blossoms can thrive. So Emmie and I pulled down this one, which was the only one we could reach, with her up on my shoulders. We need to get the orange-picker-thingy down to get the rest.

And even though I told her it would be a little too old and dried up, she insisted on juicing it herself. She got like 2 tiny swallows of juice out, taste-tested it herself, and then shared the last little sip with her sister.

We had grilled cheese sandwiches dipped in ketchup for dinner tonight (didn’t do a grocery order this weekend; just trying to eat stuff we already have), and watched a movie in the living room while it rained outside.

And then these little ones ones came over and dug all up into my French onion dip, until there was nothing but crumbs left of the chips, that were too small to dip, and so Addie was just scooping it up on her tiny fingers.

Both girls are asleep now, and although bedtime wasn’t difficult and they were super sweet and snuggly, they did both require extra/longer cuddles than usual before they were ready.

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