Addison was excited to take her picture in front of the purple wall, in her purple dress, with the purple sandals. And Emerson had one more day off before going back to school, and she spent the day with Daddy again, and wouldn’t you know they went straight back to Chick-fil-A for breakfast 😉

When Emmie reached down to love Addie goodbye, Addie literally threw herself on her, wrapped her legs around her, and Emmie just picked her right up. It was so very precious.

We had a ladies lunch today with myself, Megan, Mama & Aunt Suzanne, at one of our go-to favorites, Cava. And it was just as yummy and delicious as always. Afterwards when we tried to take our picture, despite the mostly cloudy sky, I could not open my eyes and was just super squinty. So this photo of me laughing is the best I could manage since I couldn’t open my eyes. Like Squints from the Sandlot.

And surprise, surprise, Emmie and Jeff ended up back at Chick-fil-A again for the second time today, for lunch.

And then this little cutie wanted to help Daddy work on my car a little bit more this afternoon.

Then they came to pick me up from my office at 5pm, and then when we picked up Addie next, and made it to Trousdell within plenty of time to get Emmie to gymnastics. They gym has been closed for the past 2 weeks, and my girl was really missing her class, and was so excited to make it back tonight.

Jeff and Addie ran a little errand for part of gym (which also meant we didn’t have to try to keep her entertained for the entire hour), but they got back about halfway through and baby sister was so very excited to watch her big sister do her “danastics.”

We had a quick dinner at nearby Arby’s, before heading home and immediately starting on bedtime, since it was such a late night at this point.

I’m feeling particularly tired tonight and ready to just lay down and get some rest. I also slept weird last night and my back has been sore today, so I’m hoping it will feel better by the time I wake up tomorrow morning.

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