Honey Tea

Today was officially the first day of spring, but we had quite the cold snap here in Florida. So we dug out the pants and jackets and sweaters again today, because after such warm weather last week, we thought we were done with the cold… But we were bundled and warm and ready for the day.

And after 10 days off school for spring break and a teacher planning day, Emerson was finally back at school today, and happy to go!

Addie Pie doing some little crafts at school with her friends.

I kinda threw together a random pasta dish with some sauce and ricotta and baked it, and it was fine, but nothing special. It did the job and Emmie actually thought it was really good, but I won’t be throwing together this particular dish again…

After dinner, I washed up dishes and cleaned the kitchen, while Jeff used the blower to clear off a ton of pollen all along the front porch, and my dining room rug that had been rolled up out in the carport still. Then he unrolled it, did the steam-cleaner all across it again, and then we finally got it back inside, after like a month… I even got out a tablecloth, which we haven’t used in forever. And I lit a new candle, that smells amazing. I kinda wanna go back to Marshall’s a buy a couple more of them.

I really, really love this “honey tea” scent, it’s very soft and subtle and slightly citrus-y, and it’s one of my favorites I’ve ever found.

Kitchen is cleaned, dining room is cleaned, girls are asleep, and now with this post written, I can just relax now!

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