Living Room Picnic

My cutie girls were wearing some more new skorts today, but matching this time, and just the cutest ever. And Addie was just in the silliest, goofiest mood this morning.

Emerson actually had a little bit of a rough morning (side-story: why are first-graders peer pressuring each other about liking unicorns?! Apparently a friend previously made comments that made Emmie feel like she couldn’t wear a unicorn shirt today. So she had a meltdown about that this morning, and then we turned that into a nice little heart-to-heart convo while I brushed her hair, and convinced her to wear the shirt she liked, and not let her “friends” talk down to her anymore, and I got her calmed down and happy again) so her and Daddy left home for school early, and he treated her to a very special chicken-mini-breakfast.

I had this random soup for lunch today, that was basically just like lemony chicken orzo soup. Plus the side-salad I ordered with dinner from CFA last night that I ran out of time to eat before worship team rehearsal (and they didn’t give me a fork anyways). So this turned out to be a pretty decent soup & salad lunch.

The Gilchrist after-school started their own Instagram page this week, and Emmie was so excited to tell me tonight that she was gonna be in their post from this afternoon. Look at all these cute little friends!

Jeff picked up the girls from school today, and I worked until 6pm, getting that overtime pay. (Our office is so backlogged, they’ve approved overtime pay for us to work on this specific project, so on the weeks where I don’t have any other leave, I take half-hour lunches, and work 30 minutes extra, and then stay until 6 on the days that Jeff is able to pick up the girls.) So then when I got home, I made the girls both a homemade “uncrustable” pb&j, and set them up in the living room for a “picnic,” which they thought was so cool.

Then I mixed up a really good batch of tuna, and made sandwiches for me and Jeff, with some french onion dip and chips as a side.

While I was making up dinner, Jeff was doing another round of carpet cleaning out in the carport. This time, he flipped it upside-down (on the worst half), and did the steam-cleaning on the underside. Goal is to finally get it back inside this weekend.

After dinner, we got the girls in the bath tub to get them scrubbed up and clean, and into some fresh jammies for bedtime. Both girls needed like two or three more snacks after bath, so they ate while we watched Bluey, and then we got ready for bed. And Emmie’s curls were drying SO beautifully tonight!

I made some really good progress on my puzzle last night, while watching some of our YouTube favorites.

I’m choosing not to deal with the dishes tonight, and already planning ahead to order pizza for dinner tomorrow night. So for tonight, I’m just gonna chill and give my brain a rest after 9.5 hours of work today…

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