Water Day at Preschool

My girl was SO EXCITED today, because it was the first water day at school, and another day of junior gym, and it was a big Friday! She picked out her own bathing suit, and could barely contain her excitement this morning.

Jeff and Emmie got to school at the same time as Meg and the triplets, who were also super excited about their very first water day at school.

And Addison and I had another good day at home together. Jeff was back to working at home like usual, and it was good just having him around the house again. The boys slept till noon, and then stayed in their room till like, 4:30, so we barely even saw them.

Folded a load of tiny newborn clothes while watching an episode of Home Town (which just so happened to be the one where they did a house for Ben’s younger brother, where both Erin & Lauren announced they were pregnant) while drinking my morning coffee out of my Laurel mug.

I’m obsessed with these precious, tiny little hands.

Look closely, and you’ll see Little Miss fighting sleep, with those eyes peeking open.

I did eventually get her to sleep though, and I was able to wash up all the bottles and dishes, and clean up the kitchen, and then sit down to read a little bit.

We have an abundance of bread (and bananas) this week, because I bought enough for sandwiches and/or hot dogs for four people for lunch all week long, and then I was the only one here eating…

She got a little antsy in her bassinet, so I got her out and snuggled her back to sleep, and then switched books while she slept some more.

And eventually she somehow busted one little arm out of the swaddle.

So when I made chili a few days ago, I made sautéed three pounds of ground turkey, used half in the chili and saved the other half. So tonight, all I had to do was add the meat to a jar of sauce, and boil some noodles, and then we had spaghetti for dinner. Emmie specifically requested that I put her little pink bunny in the tray so she could watch her eat dinner.

Emmie cleaned her bowl of her butter noodles with parmesan, and then cleaned her bowl of a second helping of just plain noodles with nothing on them, and then grabbed her customary after-dinner popsicle. I have a feeling we’ll be buying a ton of popsicles this summer!

We watched a little bit of “The Incredibles” after dinner, and fed Addison a bottle. But then she threw it all up all over me, and needed another bath tonight. Not sure what this is about, for the second day in a row now, but dang it sucks. We got her all cleaned up, and I got changed, and then we got Emerson ready for bedtime. She did really good again tonight (so thankful for such good bedtime behavior lately!), and Addie tried to finish her bottle.

But then she had a crazy huge uncontained poo explosion, and needed to be cleaned up again and get her clothes & swaddle changed. Hopefully all is okay now, and we can get her to sleep without anymore bodily function explosions!


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