Jeff is Home!

It’s been a crazy week, and yesterday was a little, well, blah for me, for lack of a better term. But I was hoping to wake up feeling refreshed today, and to have a better day, and this is the gorgeous sunrise I saw when I let Pretzel out this morning! Praise the Lord, for his mercies are new every morning.

Cuddles before Emmie went to school…

Back at it again with the kitty cat headband!

Bagel and cream cheese with fresh hot coffee was delicious today, followed by a hot refreshing shower while the tiniest girl slept. And then we got her dressed and ready for the day, in a cute strawberry onesie.

Because we had a lunch date with Aunt Meggie today! Since yesterday was so blah, I decided to do something to make it better, like meet my sister downtown for lunch, because I knew I would feel better hanging out with her, and just getting out of the house for an hour. We tried out I Heart Mac & Cheese, and although it was good, we weren’t blown away by it, and they were out of all the gluten free pasta & bread that she was excited to try, and mine wasn’t completely hot, and they were super slow.   So all around, 3 out of 5 stars, because the flavor of this chicken parm mac & cheese bowl was absolutely delicious, but eh, not great experience or anything. But my two lunch dates were great!

She fell asleep on the ride home, after spending the whole lunch hour just bright eyed and looking around the whole restaurant, and even stayed that way for a few minutes once we got home.

But then it was time for her to eat, so she had a bottle, and then stared up a me for a while, before finally falling asleep on me, and I laid her down so I could take a quick rest myself.

And then Jeff finally came home!! He was discharged from the hospital this afternoon, and his dad picked him up from there, took him to CVS for his prescriptions, and then brought him home. (After thoroughly cleaning himself, I looked over to see him literally rubbing sanitizer on his face, just so he could give Addie a little kiss on the head. We’re still being super careful though, don’t worry.)

She slept for quite a while, and we watched an episode of Home Town, before it was time for Addie to eat again. But halfway through the bottle, she threw up the whole thing all over her and me, which required a full bath for her, and a quick sponge bath for me, and a change of clothes for both of us. And then she had a little bit more milk, to re-fill her tummy since she was still hungry. And then she fell asleep again.

Nana had picked up Emerson from school today, and taken her back to their house, to have dinner with Nana and PopPop and her brothers. So after dinner, Nana brought all the kids back over to our house. Emmie had a huge dinner apparently, but of course still needed a quick “bassert” before bedtime.

She did great at bedtime, and was so glad to have Daddy back home, especially for them to sing their personal made-up song together that they sing every night. Addie is still asleep and doing good, and she’ll need one more bottle soon, before I can get ready for bed myself.

This has been an absolutely crazy week, and I hope things will settle down now and get back to “normal.” Jeff is still on oral antibiotics for a while, and will still need to keep dressings on the wounds. I also got antibacterial soap for all over the house, and we’re being super careful with his clothes and towels, and hopefully we won’t have any further issues!

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