Magic and Mundane

Emerson has been queen of the hair accessories this week, and I’m honestly a fan of her fashion choices 😁

And Big Sissy wanted to hold Little Sissy for a few minutes before Grammy took her to school.

They got to school the same time as the triplets, and although they were happy for these pictures together, the triplets then had a rough drop off, but Emerson was fine!

Addison and I were at home all alone again today, and although the day was fine and I didn’t really have any issues, I definitely felt the stress of the week building up on me, and felt a little melancholy today.

Half tuna sammich, half “Italian” sammich, with some strawberries and ice water, and an episode of “Friday Night Lights.”

She screamed her way through tummy time, but then took a nice long nap on my chest after a bottle, while I read on my Kindle, and then I was able to lay her down for just a bit.

Emerson had a good day at school, That was picked up early by Uncle Keith, and then she got to spend her evening at their house.

She got to do a painting project, and of course they made egg salad for dinner. She ran around the backyard for a long time, and had a blast playing with their little doggy, Bella. I’m glad she had such a good time with them tonight, and I am so thankful they helped out by taking care of her. I missed having her here with me, but I know she had a blast!

They brought her back home in time for bed, and we got to have a video call with Jeff before she went to sleep. There’s been no real update on him today, but he is still in the hospital. We certainly didn’t know this was going to happen, and we never expected it to last this long, but we’re hoping and praying that it will finally clear up soon!

My sweet Mama is back over here again with me tonight, to spend the night and help me with the overnight baby feedings and such. She will also take Emmie to school again tomorrow, which is good so I don’t have to leave the house so early in the morning.

I read something today about normal life being a “mixed bag” of both magic and mundane. I think the same thing can be said of life with a newborn. I felt melancholy today, and had a bit of the baby blues, being home alone for the longest stretch yet, right over 12 hours. But while Addison slept on my chest, I looked down at her perfect face, and was brought to tears by the magic of her little life and how completely I love her.

I guess I’m just feeling a little bit more overwhelmed and introspective tonight, after such a long day with just my newborn and my thoughts. I’m totally grateful for the help my family has been providing, but also just tired of dealing with all this heavy stuff. (Like phone calls from the hospital about bills and insurance for the new baby, which is something Jeff usually handles, and I didn’t even know how to answer or have the mental bandwidth to think too much about.) I’m sure some sleep tonight and the start of a new day tomorrow will bring a fresh perspective. Today wasn’t completely magical, but mostly mundane, and that’s okay. It was still a good day. Nothing is perfect and I am resilient, and we will get through this!

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