All By Myself

Pretty little kitty girl, ready for another day at school! Grammy took her to school after spending the night with us last night, and said she did perfect, with no clinging and no crying!

She went over to kiss baby sister goodbye, and did this little pose all by herself, without me even saying anything about wanting to take a picture.

And she got to help her triplets get to their class today!

With Jeff still working from home, and all the days my family had come to be with us so far, today was my first day home alone with Addison, all by myself for the entire day, and it went really well! She ate well and slept well and we went on our morning walk…

Then she ate again and slept again, and after I ate lunch, I sat down to read. But then the rain started, and eventually I just snuggled down on the couch under my blanket, and took a nap myself.

She woke us up around 2pm ready to eat again, so I watched an episode of Friday Night Lights (started watching the series for the second time; first time was on maternity leave with Emmie four years ago) while feeding and holding her. She fell asleep and I put her down, so I could wash some dishes and bottles, and tidy up the room a little bit.

We went to pick up Emerson from school not too long after that (thank you to the school and her teachers for bringing her out to the car for me, so Addison and I didn’t have to get out and go inside!), and we had some nice playtime with my girls at home.

Then Aunt Suzanne came over to spend the evening with us, and she even brought us Culver’s for dinner! After dinner, Aunt Suzanne took care of Addison, while I got Emerson bathed and dressed and ready for bed, and it was so nice having her here with us.

I read Emmie her bedtime story, and then did prayers and lullabies, followed by a video call with Daddy, who’s still in the hospital. They chatted together about Emmie’s day, and then they sang their cute little song together.

Once again, Emerson did really great at bedtime, and every night I’m just so thankful when we have a good night, without all her stall tactics and shenanigans.

Like I mentioned, Jeff is still in the hospital, and hasn’t seen too much improvement. In fact, they switched the kind of IV antibiotics, because it seems the first kind wasn’t really cutting it. He’s also been having some pretty bad migraines while he’s been in there, so he’s just not been feeling so great. But he seemed in good spirits on our video call earlier, so I hope he is able to have a good night and get some better sleep tonight. Thank you for all your prayers so far, but please keep them coming!

Aunt Suzanne left a little while ago to head back home, but after my Mama helped my sister with the triplets this evening for dinner and bath time (since Bo is out of town this week), she came back over here to spend the night with me to help with Addison, and then take Emerson to school tomorrow. Again, thankful for my amazing family, and how much they’ve been able to help out!

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