The Living Christmas Story

The girls were excited to point out Sheppy this morning, but they left him sitting up on his little perch.

After work and school today, Jeff and I picked up our girls, Meg & Bo picked up their girls, and we all met up with Grammy and Papa. We had dinner at El Jalisco out in Killearn first, everyone eating their fill of chips & salsa & tacos & quesadillas.

Then we headed to KUMC for the hayride through The Living Christmas Story. Mama used to drive Megan and I through the living nativity in Bethlehem when we were kids, and it’s been fun continuing the tradition with all of our little ones the last few years.

Ellie Grace specifically was very into it, and studiously taking it all in. She was so sad at the end of the ride, and hated for it to be over. But as we got back to the loading/unloading zone, we realized there was no one else waiting in line, so we asked to stay on for another ride. They guys were making jokes about having to pay taxes to Caesar, and Emmie sweetly offered up the $1 bill she had in her fanny pack. But we did in fact get to ride through a second time!

It was such a nice time with the family tonight, and I’m glad we have gotten to continue this sweet tradition again this year!

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