You guys, we have been very productive today! First though, I got to sleep in until the very late hour of 7:30am, while Jeff got up with the girls around 6am. He got all the toaster strudel’s done up for all of us, and then woke me up to eat.

Then after a bit of lazing about the living for a little, we had to get Emerson to the church again for one last rehearsal, before tomorrow’s musical. When we got back, we made ourselves quite an ambitious to-do list, with tons of chores and little tasks we have been forgetting. I added about 5 more things on this list throughout the morning, and we actually got almost everything done today. But I also added “& Sunday,” so we’ll finish a bit more tomorrow.

Underneath this pile of books, is Emerson’s unicorn puzzle we puzzle-glued a few weeks ago, and then this morning, we finally got it super-glued it to a piece of thin wood board we bought and Jeff cut down to size this morning. We’re letting it cure for 24+ hours, pressed underneath giant books, and piles of normal books, until tomorrow afternoon. Then we’ll hang it up in her room with some Command Strips.

While I tidied up and cleaned around the inside of the house, Jeff took the covers off the couch cushions. Remember when Addie scribbled with marker all over them literally two months ago? Well, we finally got around to cleaning it all off today. He scrubbed it all with rubbing alcohol, then stain-treated and put them in the washer. Then we laid them out to dry for the day. Meanwhile, Addie Pie just ate Cheeze-itz from her tiny snack cup while Daddy worked.

Addie had her leftover chicken strips from dinner last night for lunch today, and then I got her down for a nap. Jeff went to pick up Emmie from church, and also made a quick stop at Home Depot. One of our other random chores for the day was for Jeff to drain our hot water heater (did you know you’re supposed to do that every few years?! I did not…), and then replace some part inside that gets kinda gross when you have hard water, like we do.

The three of us had lunch, and after Jeff cleaned out all the junk from my car, Emmie and I went out to vacuum the floorboards. She did the first one, and I offered to do the next one, but she told me she wanted to do the whole thing herself!

Since Addison was still napping, Emerson and I made a quick run to Whole Foods for another Amazon delivery. Then we made a special stop at the newest coffee shop in town, to treat ourselves. It’s called Ground Ops and it’s right there at the “V” where Thomasville Rd & Monroe Streets merge. I got an iced latte, and Emmie picked out a giant cookie. It was good, but won’t be replacing Frother’s Daughter as my favorite 😉

Addie did eventually wake up from a nice little nap, and was being so silly and cute with Voldy & Harry, hugging and kissing them, and repeating, “Dere’s my little baby!”

Then we got shoes on, and packed up jammies, put Pretzel on his leash, and headed over to Nana & PopPop’s house for some family time and dinner.

Nana had left this little porch tree un-decorated so the girls could help hang all the ornaments. But they each hung like one thing, and then ran off to play. So her and I took over, and we did a cute job on our little red & gold tree.

Nana made delicious homemade burgers for dinner, and we ate out on the back porch since the weather was actually nice. Today was actually a beautiful day all day, but tomorrow is going to be nasty all day…

The girls went crazy splishing and splashing in the bathtub, and then we dressed the baby up in a monster towel, and she kept roaring and growling at us, which was just too cute and funny.

They shared an apple for a snack and watched “The Grinch” once they were in clean jammies. Then asked Nana for a second apple, and ate that entire thing too.

The couch covers were dry when we got home, so Jeff got those put back on the cushions, and then Emerson “set the couch” with the pillows and a cute Christmas bear. All of the marker scribbles came out in the cleaning, and the couch looks so much better all around! The cushions are standing up straighter, and everything looks almost as good as new again, sorta 😉

This sweet baby fell asleep while I was doing her prayers and lullabies, and her precious little face was just so perfect and beautiful and peaceful.

Both girls are sleeping soundly, and I have a Christmas candle burning. The house is mostly tidy, and I can just sit down and rest for a little bit, before heading off to bed soon.

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