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Today was the GC Kids annual Christmas musical, and these kids did such a great job!

Emerson had a small solo, surrounded by all the tiny preschool friends, including her triplet cousins. Check out this cuteness!



My sister Megan is the choir director every year, and has been doing this for something like, 10 or 12 or 15 years now! She has a great team of ladies that work with her, and they all do such a great job. The triplets presented their mommy with some flowers and a gift from the whole choir at the end of everything.

This is Emerson’s sweet little bestie Daisy. They actually go to school together (were in the same class last year, but are split up this year), and love going to church together too.

And as is tradition,we went to Dreamland as a giant family for lunch after the play. Grammy, Papa, Grandmommie, Uncle Keith and Aunt Suzanne also joined us at Generations today for the play, so we were a big giant group at lunch, with Bo’s mom & step-dad as well. Then some of church friends showed up too and sat next to us, so it was a big ole party.

After lunch, we dropped off a load of donations at Goodwill, and then picked up our weekly grocery order. Then all four of us took naps at home on this gray cold rainy day. I personally didn’t feel like I got enough sleep (it was probably just over an hour for my own nap after getting the girls down and getting the groceries put away), but then all too soon it was time to go back out.

As a giant end-of-the-musical celebration, the church treated all the kids to pizza, games & bowling at Hanger 38. So we dropped off Emerson there, and then the three of us got some Chinese food for our own dinner nearby, before heading back a little early to watch them play and chat with some friends.

Even though Emerson had a couple pieces of pizza, she still wanted our Chinese leftovers when we got back home, which she ended up eating quite a lot of.

We had gotten both girls down for bedtime,but then while I’ve been writing this post, Jeff sent me this last photo, of Emerson and Pretzel asleep together on the couch.

I was supposed to clean the kitchen this afternoon, but decided to nap instead. So now I’ve got some serious work to do tonight, so we can be prepared to start a new week tomorrow…

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