Turning Liquefied Salsa Into Soup

Remember that homemade salsa I accidentally liquefied last weekend? Today, I turned a few cups of it into some crock pot chicken taco soup. (I did not add any additional salt, once I remembered the reason I accidentally liquefied it was because of too much salt…)

Addison was wearing a little hand-me-down jacket from the triplets today for the first time. I told her it used to be Riley’s (the tag says RLW), and she was so happy about that, and just sweetly said, “Awwww!”

Addie made a hand-print Christmas tree at school today.

After picking up Emerson from school, I had to stop to fill up the gas tank before getting Addison. Well little miss gymnast just had to get out and burn off some random energy, by jumping around and chanting and being super silly.



After picking up Addison and getting home, it smelled amazing when we walked in the door! I pulled the chicken out onto a cutting board to shred, and then stirred in some sour cream when I added the chicken back in. Then we just waited for Daddy to get home, and dinner was served! This was literally the easiest thing I’ve made in a while, made all the more better for it’s yummyness and warmth on this cold night.

We had some tortilla chops on the side / crushed on top, and the girls both really loved it. Emerson kept repeating “Thanks for a REALLY great dinner, Mommy.”

Our church is doing 12 days of giveaways through Facebook right now, and I won this beautiful ornament from Loli & the Bean the other day!

Tonight, we attempted to hang up Emerson’s unicorn puzzle in her room, with some Command strips. Unfortunately, the strips didn’t stick to the particle board, so that didn’t hold. We ended up trying again with new strips, and super glued them to the back of the board, and now we’re weighing it all down again until tomorrow night.

Hopefully the super glue will hold on to the back of this particle board with this weird texture, so that we can finally get this thing hung up on the wall, after finishing it back in early October. I’m gonna go wash up the few dishes we have, and then I need to get cozy and cuddled up, because I’m quite freezing right now!

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