Short Pasta

These sweet little girls were very precious this morning. Addison in particular was in such a great, silly little mood today. This first picture was Addie checking out her shirt, when I told them they were both wearing stars today. She was very excited about that.

Addie had some serious static going on in her hair at school this afternoon!

Tonight was a spaghetti & garlic bread night. But as my BIL pointed out last time, it’s not actually spaghetti 😉 I like short pasta best, so I almost always use something like ziti, penne or rigatoni, then I make a “normal” spaghetti sauce, using ground turkey and lots of onion & garlic, and today I snuck in a red bell pepper that I forgot to put in yesterday’s taco soup.

Little baby sister was super goofy and giggly again tonight, and as I was trying to get her to “Come eat another bite of noodles!”, she would holler “Nooooodleeee!!!” in the silliest little voice.

Both girls were exhausted and fell asleep very quickly and easily tonight. And I even fell asleep while holding Addison in the recliner. Jeff is doing some computer work for his side job clients, and I’ve got some dishes to wash…

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