Sheppy Returns

The girls loved finding Sheppy the Shepherd on the Search this morning. Addie wouldn’t let Emmie hold him for a photo, so that’s why Emmie decided to hold the stable instead. (Sheppy looks for Baby Jesus, and pops up in a new place in the house every morning, kind of like the whole Elf on the Shelf thing, but with a faith-based story behind it, and we don’t do all the elf shenanigans.) Today was our first day actually getting him going, but the girls will be excited to find him every morning!

Emerson had gymnastics this afternoon, then Grammy got her a sandwich from Chicken Salad Chick, before meeting up with me at daycare to get Addison. Then I dropped off Emmie at church for Christmas choir practice again. I made up a quick dinner of tuna salad and strawberries for the rest of us, and by the time we finished eating, I got leftovers put away, and then it was time to go back and pick up Emmie from church.

Emmie hadn’t finished her dinner beforehand, so she sat up at the counter eating a bit more once we got home.After she got full and left, Addie found her way up there to help herself as well.

The girls are both asleep by now, and so is Jeff actually. So I’ve picked out a Christmas movie, and I’m going to work on my Christmas puzzle while I watch it.

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