Spaghetti Straps

We had a great day at home today, despite the nasty weather, with the tornado warnings the flood watch…  (Addison is under quarantine because her teacher tested positive for covid last week, and then daycare closed anyways, because of the weather, keeping Emerson home too.) But since most of what we did today was just our typical stay-at-home stuff, I’ll just basically photo-dump-and-run tonight…

We brought a bunch of activity stuff from her rom to the dining room, and kept ourselves entertained for almost two hours. I started out reading while she colored, then she asked me to color with her, so I did, but kind of kept on reading at the same time. But then after a while, she picked up my Kindle and closed it, so I could focus more on the coloring 🙂

While working, she was just a steady stream of chatter, and one of the things I wrote down was, “You can be whatever you wanna be when you grow up. You can be an artist, or Wonder Woman or Spiderman. You just tell your mom & dad or teacher.”

Emmie tied her apron back on before lunch time, and helped me get the beef stroganoff in the crockpot for our dinner.

In the next photo progression, you can see Addison go from tummy-time, to rolling over onto her back! And although it all happened in less than 30 seconds, she was mad about it and crying by the time she completed the big task.

But she calmed down quickly enough after that. I told Emmie I liked their spaghetti straps, then had to explain what I was talking about. Then a few minutes later, she told Addie that she liked her “noodle straps.”

I fed made Emmie a turkey sandwich for lunch, then fed Addie her bottle. I later got lunch put together for Jeff and myself as well, and then Emmie, Addie and I all napped, and Jeff went back to work. When Emmie woke up, she played on her Kindle for a bit, and I fed Addison again.

Then we had a small break in the worst of the weather, so we squeezed in a outside time in the carport while we had the chance. I held baby sis until she fell asleep on me, then took her back inside to bundle her up and let her nap indoors. I also washed up some dishes and made myself an iced coffee, then took Emmie back out for more play time.

After play time, I sautéed up some Brussel sprouts, boiled some egg noodles, and the crockpot stroganoff Emmie and I prepped earlier was all ready to go. And it was just as yummy as always.

I was holding Addison, so Daddy read Emerson her bedtime story, and then I swaddled the Baby Girl so I could put the Big Girl to sleep.

I loved our extra day together today, but Emmie is going back to school tomorrow, and I’m going to work, and Jeff is going to take off work to be with Addison at home.

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