Towards The Sun

After a super rainy, gray, dreary day yesterday, the sun was starting to come out when we left the house this morning. Then as we got off the interstate and rounded a corner, the sun was bright and shining and beautiful! And ironically, we were listening to a song named “Towards The Sun” from our Disney/Pixar playlist I made us, and it was just perfect and Emerson and I were both so excited to see the sun!

And although she looked beautiful and happy here, she got a little upset when I had to leave her in her room, and just wanted me to stay. I can’t blame her though, after three straight days of barely ever leaving my side!

I had a crazy busy slightly stressful day at work today, and got stuck just about 15 minutes late doing a final emergency review on a case. I picked up my sweet girl, and then we planned to stop at Publix really quick. I had planned to make homemade pizza tonight, but had forgotten to order the cheese in my grocery order, so we were just gonna grab that. But since I was already late, I decided to grab the cheese & make the pizza tomorrow, but to just pick up some chicken and sides and rolls for tonight instead.

I heated up the cold stuff and made plates for Emmie and Jeff, and then scooped up my little Chickpea to hold her at the table while they ate. Then we switched and I made myself a plate, and Jeff held Addie while I ate and Emmie finished up.

I gave both of the girls a bath after dinner, and they both really enjoyed it, just like always.

Jeff got Addison dried and in some clean jammies, while I helped get Emerson all ready for bedtime. She asked for a tattoo tonight, so we did that and she grabbed the last dinner roll, and we read a book we borrowed from school for her bedtime book.

She loved the colorful jammies with the colorful llama.

She was super duper sweet at bedtime, and things went very smoothly. Jeff had fed Addison a bottle after bath, and then I held her and got her to sleep after getting Emerson to sleep. She tried to wake up when I laid her down to swaddle her, but I put her paci back in, and turned on the sound machine, and she settled back down quickly.

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