Covid-Testing, Curry & Crafting

So we had a slightly dramatic drop-off this morning, she was fine here, but then cried a little when I left her in her classroom…

Buuuuut thennn… the director Ms. Renee asked me on the way out how Addison was doing, and I mentioned she had gotten a stuffy nose, and I was going to get her covid test done today. And then she reminded me that since Addie was exposed to her teacher who tested positive, and was now exhibiting symptoms, that Emerson now couldn’t be at school either, without negative results herself. So I went right back to her room (where I found her happily playing after just a few minutes with no tears), and picked her back up, and went back home.

I had left Addie on her Boppy swaddled up, but she was starting to wake up and she was hungry again. I was in the kitchen getting her bottle ready, and Emmie asked if she could take off her swaddle and hold her, so I said sure. Then when I went back in there, this is how I found them. Clearly, Addie liked it a lot, and Emmie was such a proud big sister for getting Addie to stop fussing!

After she finished her bottle, we went to our covid test appointments, and although they were super busy and tons of people, it all moved really fast, and we got all three of us tested and back out of there in just under 10 minutes. And just under 10 minutes later, I got the emails saying all of us were negative! (I didn’t really need to get myself tested, but I just figured I’d go ahead and do it since I was there already with the girls. And now, we don’t have to worry about either of them, and they’re cleared to be back at school. Well, Addie’s room is still closed the rest of this week, but she’ll be going back Monday.)

So we went straight from Bragg Stadium at FAMU back to school, to drop off Emerson again. The director came out to the car to get her, so I didn’t have to get Addie out of the car, and then later emailed me that she did really great, and was very excited to rejoin her friends in class.

I took Baby Sister back home and although she should have been sleeping, she didn’t want to, so we had some play time together instead.

She had another bottle right around noon, then I held her for a while, and then swaddled and “boppied” her after her 30-minute-wait-time.

I put together a super fast lunch for Jeff and I today, that was easy and felt fresh and different, and we both really loved it. There’s a restaurant in St. Augustine that I used to love eating at, and I always ordered the curry chicken salad wrap, and I’ve actually been craving it lately. Then, I saw a Pioneer Woman episode the other day where she made it, and I wanted to try doing it myself. And then last night when buying Cole slaw to go with our fried chicken, and I spotted it with a “limited edition” tag in the deli section, and got so excited! And it was delicious! I added some romaine lettuce and cashews like the one from the restaurant (picked out of the bag of mixed nuts), wrapped in a burrito shell, and it was so good!!

And since Addie was finally sleeping soundly, I was able to log into my work laptop and get a couple of hours put in, to off-set all of the leave I’m using this week, since I don’t have a huge bank after using most of it for maternity leave. It reminded me of my work-from-home months last summer, and made me wish I was still doing some of that!

Addie napped for two hours, then woke up sweetly, but quickly escalated to fussing from hunger. So I changed her, and made her a bottle, then fed her. We sat on the couch just staring at each other for a while, with her cooing and smiling, and she actually laughed at me for the first time! And it was the best, sweetest little sound!! My phone was across the room charging though, so I couldn’t get any of her smiles or laughs on camera, but man I loved it. She wore herself out after that though, and quickly fell asleep in my arms in just a few minutes.

Jeff had to run to his office for a quick errand, so he also ran by school to pick up Emerson a little bit early. She brought some “homework” with her, so we worked on the number “1” and the letter “B” together, and she did such a good job! Her and I then made quick jaunt to Dollar Tree and Walgreens, to pick up supplies to make her “about me” poster to bring to school on Friday.

After we got back home, I made homemade pizzas, with vodka sauce, sautéed spinach & onion, and pepperoni (and sautéed mushroom for me) for Jeff and I, and two tiny plain cheese pizzas made on tiny taco shells for Emerson. And of course we had my current fave super simple salads of just romaine, parmesan & Olive Garden Italian dressing. (I made two pizzas for Jeff and I, so that we could have plenty of leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch too.)

Emerson had watermelon chunks for her side instead of salad, and she ate all of that before she even touched her pizza. And then she ate every little piece of her pizza too!

Jeff had given Addison a bottle while Emmie and I ate, then we switched and I grabbed her so he could eat. She was in a great little mood and giving us tons more smiles, and I was trying to get her to laugh again so Emmie could hear. She wouldn’t laugh again, but she was being super cute!

One of Emerson’s bestie’s from school, Maddie, switched schools this past week. We got to do a video call with her and her mama tonight, and these sweet little girls missed each other so much! We actually have plans for a play date this weekend, and they’re both looking forward to that.

After our video call, we got busy working on Emerson’s “about me” poster for school, crafting up a storm. We had glitter crayons and photos and markers and tons of stickers, and we really just went to town on it.

She was coloring a rainbow here. This was completely her idea, and she did it all by herself, and I was so proud of her!

We stayed up a little later than usual working on the poster, but she got her jammies on and grabbed a string cheese for her bedtime snack. We did a find-&-seek book together, and then did prayers and lullabies.

Addison was a bit wiggly and fussy and wouldn’t go to sleep on her little boppy. So while I was putting away all the leftovers and washing the dishes, Jeff fed her another, smaller-size bottle, and then she fell asleep instantly after she finished that, and now she’s sound asleep.

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