Run of the Mill

Today was just a regular, usual, normal run-of-the-mill day, and there’s not too much to say about it, and y’all know what our usual days are like by now anyways. So, just gonna keep this short and sweet, and then leave it at that!

It was my day to go to work, and Jeff’s day to take care of Addison, and although she wouldn’t nap for him this morning, they had a good day, and he finally got her to sleep this afternoon.

I made sautéed chicken with onions and asparagus for dinner tonight, with a side of rice, and it was all really simple, but fresh and delicious.

After getting Addie’s diaper and clothes changed, Jeff gave her a bottle while I did Emmie’s bedtime routine. She wanted strawberries for her bedtime snack, and picked the book that she knows always makes me emotional, and of course I did get emotional at that last page or two…

I got some cuddles and coos from Addison after Emmie’s bedtime, but handed her back to Jeff while I wrote this. I think maybe it’s time I grab her back though, for a few more sleepy cuddles before she goes down for the night.



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