Six Chicken Nuggets

When we walked in to the classroom at school this morning, this little girl saw us, and screamed out “Emmie!” they were in the same class for a few months, but she got moved up at the beginning of the month, so she was super excited to see her this morning. Such sweet little friends!

Nana (Jeff’s mom) got her this outfit over the weekend, on super clearance at Kohl’s, and it’s adorable! I love the ruffle on the shoulder and the writing down the leg. And the shirt is super soft!

These next five photos were sent by her teachers in the parent app. Apparently she was doing all sorts of crazy things today! She climbed on top of the little play kitchen to eat her piece of (plastic) pizza, and then later she climbed inside the short bookshelf! She is the silliest little goose.

since it was so cold today, Aunt Suzanne and I did laps all around the inside of our building. We went up and down the flights of stairs between floors and did the set of six floors three times in 30 minutes. Then I went back to my desk to read and eat my roast beef leftovers from last night.

So last night I mentioned starting “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” through Prime channels on Audible. between dishes and painting, I made it through over an hour of listening. Then this morning when I open the app, it started me back at the beginning, and I could not figure out how to get back to where I was, because the app wouldn’t even fully loaded. I never could figure it out, and ended up submitting an inquiry for help through the app. Hopefully we’ll get that figured out, because even though I do want to finish the book, I don’t want to have to start over! In the meantime though, I started a new book after work on my usual Libby app.

All the way home, Emerson kept saying, “Daddy,” over and over again. She was so excited to see him doing the laundry in the carport, we just had to stay out there for a few minutes. Emmie and I went inside long enough to get the last few things for her load of clothes, and she “helped” carry stuff outside, and then “helped” carry the hamper back inside.

For dinner at home, I baked some chicken nuggets, with white rice and green beans. And goodness gracious this girl ate tonight! She had SIX chicken nuggets (in comparison, I had 7), plus tons of rice, and a few beans. Plus, she loves dipping her food in sauce, and tonight of course was no exception.

After she finished all the chicken and rice we had, she still wanted more, so she had some cookies for dessert. And we watched a little bit more of “Happy Feet” before bedtime.

We decided that my table needs one more coat of paint on the top level, but I don’t have enough paint left. Jeff is gonna run to Walmart really which for another, smaller bottle, so I can get that last coat on tonight. Projects always end up taking longer than expected, and that’s exactly what happened with this one. Still hoping to finish it this week though!

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