Painting Project

This sassy girl started out her Sunday morning with a brown sugar cinnamon PopTart for breakfast before church.

The she got bundled up like a baby bear!

We had a super quick lunch at Zaxby’s with my parents before heading home to put Emerson down for a nap. And then I put on a hoodie then went outside and got busy working on my table painting project. I sanded for about 15 or 20 minutes, and still could not get the top to look nice. It was extremely scratched and uneven, with gouges in a few places. grandfather and I decided we would probably not be able to get it looking nice enough to leave natural and stain, so I decided to move to Plan B, and paint the whole thing the same chalk paint color.

We really don’t know what these people were doing when they stay in the top, but they did a terrible job of it… (If you missed yesterday’s close, I said we bought this off Craigslist a few years ago, and it already had a dark stain on it, that was really terrible looking and uneven.)

Jeff gave me an early birthday present of these two nice brushes specifically made for chalk painting. So now I’m all set up for lots of future chalk paint projects!

After this little cutie woke up from her nap, her and I had play time for a while, and then she had a snack while we watched a little bit of “Happy Feet.” (Jeff was out for a coffee meeting with one of his side business clients.)

I finished up this audio book in the car on the way to Jeff’s parents house. It was really interesting, but it’s one of those that doesn’t tie up all the loose ends, and that just drives me crazy. Everything doesn’t have to be in in meatball with a perfect ending, but I would at least like a little bit more closure and finality to the main character story.

And then at a stoplight, I pulled up my Nextbook. There are a few free books through Amazon Prime on Audible, so I wanted to try out this one that’s read by Scarlett Johansson.

We went to dinner at Jeff’s parents house tonight for another early birthday dinner for me. We had roast beef with mashed potatoes, and then cheesecake with strawberries for dessert. before dinner time though, Emerson found lots of things to play with. Being the 11th grandchild on the Pullen side of the family, Nana has amassed quite a collection of toys throughout the years!

We did bath time with Nana at their house and got me dressed up in her warm jammies before loading up in the car to come home for bedtime.

I tried putting Emerson to bed tonight, and after holding and rocking her for about 10 minutes, she just wanted her daddy. So we switched places and he came in to hold her, while I went back out to the carport for the second coat of paint on my table. I got everything finished with just the last little bit of paint left over. He really can’t get a good feel of the color in the current night time lighting, but I’m excited to see what it looks like all dry and in the light tomorrow. I’ll put the sealing-wax on tomorrow night after work, and hopefully be able to bring it into the house after that and get it all set up again then a couple days.

I got the brushes all cleaned and washed before sitting down to write my blog, but now I need to go back and wash some dishes from the weekend. I really don’t feel like it (who does though?), but I’m going to listen to my new book and force myself to do it. Night friends!

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