Queso & Sombrero

Emmie had some snacks while I cooked breakfast.

We had my favorite, egg-in-the-hole, with Jeff’s “well done,” and scrambled for the little one. Coffee for the parents, and pink milk for Tater Tot.

We played a bit after breakfast, and read a few books…

Then I got showered and dressed, and went to a women’s event at my mother-in-law’s church. My Grandmommie also went today. We both decided to go because a long-time family friend was the special speaker. Ms. Lynn was one of my preschool teachers when I was 3 years old, she’s one of my mom’s best friends, my sister worked for her as her first job, and now I sing with her and her husband on praise team every month. And it was such a lovely event! Ms. Lynn did a great job, and I really enjoyed hearing her in this capacity. She has written a devotional book, and writes a blog too.

Anyways, we had a nice morning, followed by a yummy lunch, and a whole table full of desserts. They had a few door prizes, Grandmommie won this fake succulent, but she gave it to me!

Meanwhile, Jeff stayed home hanging out and playing with Emmie. She then took a two-hour nap, and was waking up right as I got back home.

I brought a plate of food home from the event, for Jeff and Emerson’s lunch. Emmie had still been in her PJs, so we stripped her to eat, since she was eating a BBQ pulled pork sammich, and I didn’t want her to get it everywhere.

Then she was a really great helper, taking boxes and things back to be put away in the closet. (We finally got all the Christmas stuff completely put away.)

Ok, and this is a “before” photo of our new project. Well, before we did anything to it, but after we cleared off the top, plus a whole bunch of mess under and around it…

Then we took it to the carport to work on it. We are going to chalk paint it that blue color I got at Walmart last week, but I wanted to strip, sand & re-stain the top a lighter, more natural color. So we got started on all that this afternoon.

We bought this off Craigslist a couple of years ago when we moved into this house, and always intended on fixing it up. But for some reason it was just one of those projects that we kind of forgot about I never actually started. You can see the stain job it came with is less than impressive, and it was way past time to upgrade it.

We had one can of paint & primer spray paint, so we went ahead and did that on the legs and bottom shelf, hoping that the white chalk paint would work better on that rather than the dark staying.

Then we put the stripping agent on the top, covered it in plastic bags, and let it sit for a little bit. We scraped it off, and did the whole process again a second time. tomorrow we will send the top and get some more of the dark color off. Then hopefully we’ll be able to finish tomorrow afternoon or evening.

Then we went and met my entire family for my early birthday dinner at peppers. We have plenty of chips and salsa, and case of course, and we all had a lot of fun chatting and talking and laughing. And my sweet family got me a few gifts as well.

And then my uncle Keith told the waitress it was my birthday, so of course ten servers came out clapping and singing and shoved this giant sombrero on my head!

And they brought me this plate of strange desert stuff…

When it was time to leave, we all went outside to give hugs and say goodbye, and Emerson made sure to give goodbye kisses to everyone. She was being so sweet and silly, and we were laughing at her giving out so many kisses.

And here’s my adorable sister, pregnant with triplet girls at 28 weeks!

We had about 30 minutes of playtime once we got home, before it was time for Emerson to go to bed. Tonight, we played a lot of peekaboo with the curtains.

Then we put on her warm, cozy, feety pajamas, so she would not stay toasty during the cold night. and of course we read all of our favorite night time books. And we read “Dada” twice.

She didn’t want to be put down in her bed afterwards though. she just needed some extra snuggles for Mommy, so I held her for about 15 minutes until she was completely asleep on my shoulder. Which was just the sweetest thing.

And now it’s late, so it’s my bedtime too.

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