These girls were looking especially cute today, right?! Love them both in their little shorty-shorts.

Emmie picked out her own outfit, which included these 3T size shorts that Addie got for her birthday. Emmie found them while cleaning up last night, and claimed them for herself, knowing that they’d be too big for baby sis. And they fit Emmie great! So we’ll save them for Addie with all the rest of our hand-me-downs instead.

Tried a new flavor of hummus this week, and wow this was delish. I wish there was even way more of the olive stuff to mix in, but it was really good.

Here’s a few pics of Addie at school.

I had praise team rehearsal for church tonight, so Jeff took the girls to Dairy Queen while I was at rehearsal, and then they came and joined me at church later.

We had a really interesting special guest tonight, who was a cyber crimes investigator from FDLE, talking about family safety online and all that goes with it.

But clearly, this little messy-head baby was very tired by the time we got home. She fell asleep easily cuddled up with Daddy though, and was ready to be laid down in her crib shortly afterwards.

Emerson was still a little keyed up, and it took me a bit to get her calmed down, but I just checked her camera on the app, and she’s sleeping soundly.

Headed into the kitchen really quickly to mix up some tuna to take for lunch tomorrow, and then settle in to read this new book I started today (at the recommendation of a friend), that I’m only 30% in, and very interested already.

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