Musical Recap

After a few freezing mornings last week, and pants every single day, we were glad for some better weather and dresses today.

Little Addie doing some art work at school today.

It felt like I hadn’t read as much in November, because it took me so long to read “Iron Flame,” but seven books in one month is still pretty average for me actually. And although I did read two 2-star books this month, which are rare for me, I still had two 5-star books as well.

Also, while everyone was sharing their Spotify wrapped reports last week, we’re Android/Google users in our house. I love seeing everyone’s Spotify, but I was jealous. We use YouTube music, and they do their own little end-of-year report too. I’m sure you’ll all be shocked at my results 😉

My top #1 & #2 songs (and Allison Krauss as the #3 artist) are actually the girls’ nightly lullaby songs, but I’m sure most of you other parents know about your kids music tastes influencing your Spotify wrapped. Also, I didn’t even realize how much I listened to Ed Sheeran, but he released an album called “Autumn Variations” early in the fall, and it was such good music to listen to while working at the office. And then of course I loved “Daisy Jones & the Six” (both the book and the tv show) so much, I was very obsessed with the sound track for a lot of the year as well.

When we were leaving school this evening, Addison wanted to carry her own sweatshirt out to the car. But I kept telling her not to drag it, so she carried it like this, straight up int he air by the wrist.

Jeff got stuck at work late, but the girls and I had sloppy joes & broccoli for dinner together. And the girls both ate so, so good tonight!

Then after dinner, they both played so sweetly together, and were being so silly.

Once we started on our whole bedtime routine, Emerson was so extremely tired, but I wanted to take a picture to show her the super curly curl in her bangs. But you can see those super sleepy eyes!


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