Jingle & Mingle

We were feeling festive this morning, so we got dressed up in Christmassy red & green. (We put Addie’s sweater on afterwards, so we wouldn’t cover up the green shirt for the picture.)

I’m not sure who told this girl to grow up so quickly, but she looks so adorable in this little outfit with her cute sweatshirt and her big girl boots.

Addie looks very seriously involved in a few craft projects today. If you can zoom in on the first one, you can just barely see her little tongue poking out, concentrating so hard.

Tonight, Jeff was on solo parenting duty with the girls, while I went to the Jingle & Mingle GC Women’s Christmas Party at church. We rotated around in groups to different rooms for different activities and crafts and snacks and games. And it was so much fun!

By the time I got home at 9pm, Jeff was asleep holding a sleeping Addison in the recliner, and Emerson was asleep cuddled up in a blanket on the couch. I carried both girls to their beds, and squeezed them tight and kissed their sweet little heads.

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