Cookie Butter Cold Brew

I went to church early this morning to work in the preschool room. So Jeff brought the girls when it was time. Apparently, they stopped at the Circle K for some Polar Pops on the way. I honestly don’t know what was in Emerson’s giant cup, but I’m hoping it was just Powerade!

We actually left Emmie at church for lunch and kids choir practice, so I only had baby sister for pics afterwards. She found this popsicle stick in a first aid kit, and the rock from the parking lot, and was tapping them together, making up a little song. Then just the three of us went to Zaxby’s for lunch.

We went home after lunch, and I got some dinner started in the crock pot. Grandmommie also came by for a quick visit, to bring some long-sleeve shirts and sweatshirts she got for Emmie last week. Jeff got Addison down for her nap time once Grandmommie headed out. That gave me about 20 minutes to scroll TikTok, and then I headed back out to pick up Emerson from church.

And we needed to get ourselves a little treat on the way back home… a cookie butter cold brew for me, and a glazed donut for Emmie.

I needed that cookie butter cold brew to give me energy to wash up all these dishes, which I did in fact accomplish.

Then I gave myself some down time to work on my Christmas puzzle a little bit, while continuing to listen to this new audio book, that I started while washing the dishes. Around 5, I took a break to get some baked potatoes in the oven, and then at 5:15, I went in to wake up Addison, so she would still be able to sleep tonight.

While dinner finished up, I started gathering up all our little knick-knacks to put away for now, and putting out a few other Christmas decorations around the house.

I love this crazy curl she had going on in the front of her head tonight, and this silly little cheesy pose she did for me.

After dinner, we worked hard to get the rest of the Christmas things out, and all the other things packed away, and then got all the boxes put back in the closet in Addison’s room. Grandmommie also got me these new place mats and brought them over today, and I love how they look on the table!

Addie was counting all the lights on the tiny tree, and all the “ponytails” (aka tiny little bows) on the gingerbread house. Please check out that little curl again, front and center.

Addie actually had a rough night and bedtime tonight, and needed lots of extra cuddle/rocking time with both Mommy & Daddy. It’s 10pm now, so hopefully she’s finally ready to go lay down. That late-afternoon, long nap might have actually messed her up a bit after all…

Also, Facebook is still routinely removing my blog post links. They’ve removed 5 posts out of the last 10 days and it’s just getting ridiculous and maddening. I’ve attempted to dispute all of the “community guidelines violations,” and they’re supposed to get back to me within 4 days of my dispute, but they have failed to do so for any of the posts so far. Anyways, I always try to post between 9-10pm every night, so if you don’t see a link of Facebook, just bookmark and take a quick look to check for yourself 🙂

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