Mrs. Claus & Santa’s Bestie

Today was “Santa is Coming to Town” day at Gilchrist, and Santa actually did come visit the kids at Growing Room! We actually thrifted Emerson’s little dress for about $6 last year, and we remembered it this morning, which we were excited about. Then she told me she wanted a bun, because Mrs. Claus always has a bun.

They found Sheppy in a tea pot this morning, and came running to tell me all about it. They were still checking him out and pointing at him for pictures.

And Addie wasn’t feeling the pics again today, and since she’s holding her little pink bear, you can’t see that her shirt says “Santa’s Bestie.”

Got my tiny pink Christmas tree decorated at work earlier this week, with help from Nana, who donate some of her spare ornaments from her collection, since I didn’t actually have enough for this tree.

Santa came to visit the kids at Growing Room today, and Addie’s class got this cute photo all together. She also made a poinsettia for her craft today.

We had our typical frozen pizza Friday night dinner, but the girls ate so well, and Addie stole all the pepperoni’s off Jeff’s pizza slices.

Emerson brought home these adorable homemade ornaments from school this week. The ribbon in the clear ball is her exact height, and there’s a cute little poem about it on the back of her picture. And the reindeer is of course her tiny thumbprint.

After Jeff and I finished eating, we turned off the “big light” in the dining room, and I sat down to read while the girls were running around reading. They would intermittently run back for another bite of pizza off their plates, and Daddy would show them a funny dog photo or video. It was just so cute and cozy and sweet.

We got cozied up to watch an episode of Bluey, and little sis found herself a chocolate chip cookie for her dessert.

Jeff and I have been working on our Christmas puzzle a little bit most nights this week, and making slow but steady progress. We’re down tot the harder parts, with all the snow and sky and trees.

And I did in fact do my nails last night after I finished blogging. I had planned to do a festive Christmas theme, but when I opened my box of supplies, these purples caught my eye. And I’m kinda obsessed with these alternating purple glitter shades! So I’ll wait and do festive red & green next weekend instead.

Time to watch a Christmas movie (we started “Love Hard” on Netflix last night, but I fell asleep), and work on the puzzle just a little bit more before it’s time for bed.

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