Spectacular Lights

Eggs all around for breakfast at home this morning – mine were over easy on a bagel, and everyone else’s were scrambled on a sandwich.

Then it was time our our annual visit with Santa Claus & Mrs. Claus at Esposito’s! There are many Santa’s around town, but this one is hands down the best. And their set-up is always beautiful. Emerson was so excited to see them and chat with them, but Addison was having none of that, and only walked up to claim her own candy cane, but ran back to me immediately after grabbing it.

Now, these fake Mr. & Mrs. Claus decorations were much more Addie’s style, and she was very much into these, and kept coming back to them a few times as we wandered around the store.

And of course they each got a bag of the free popcorn on our way out of the store.

We made a quick trip into Walmart afterwards, and it was raining lightly when we came out. Addie loved the sprinkles, but Emmie was crouched down as small as possible trying not to get too wet.

Fixed up some lunch for both of the girls and sent them into the dining room. Then I got some eggs boiling in my little egg cooker, and heated up some of my leftover chicken taco soup for my own lunch.

After lunch we got Addison down for her nap (and I fell asleep for a little bit while rocking her), then got started on some laundry and chores. Emmie and I washed dishes together, and also made up some egg salad for my work lunches next week.

When Addie woke up, we all just kinda lazed around and played a little bit for about an hour or so. The the girls got bundled up and we got shoes back on, to head out for the evening. We were headed straight to the car, but Addie walked up the little steps and said, “I havta CHEESE!” So we stopped to take their picture first before loading up.

We had a quick dinner at Hardee’s, which was way better than I remember, before heading to the Allison Christmas Spectacular!

It was bath time when we got back home, and then the girls both put on new some brand new jammies. I originally thought Addie’s were Christmas-themed, but just now realized they’re not. Really, both girls’ outfits are a little bit of a Valentine’s theme actually. Either way, these little cheesy-faced girls are super adorable.

I’ve got to head out to the car port to rotate some laundry around, and hang up my load of dresses that I hang dry, and then I can settle down and just do my puzzle and watch a Christmas movie.

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