Ghost of Christmas Past-achio

Today was the Christmas celebration service at church, full of all sorts of Christmassy goodness. We sang Christmas carols, and had a Christmas photo spot, and little Christmas train, and a hot chocolate bar. It was a great morning at church with our GC family!


Salted caramel hot chocolate to-go for Mommy.

Take-out Chinese from Panda Express, eaten back at the house, since Addie was tired and grumpy already.

Followed immediately by Addison falling asleep very quickly, and snoring every so softly. Emerson put herself down for a nap as well, and was also asleep super fast.

And after laying Addie down, I ran out for a little coffee treat. The Frother’s Daughter was parked just about 3 minutes from our house today, and I’d been dying to try one of her December specials all month. I got super lucky today, and there were literally zero people in line, so I walked straight up to the window to order, and was back home only like 15 minutes after leaving. (Which is super incredible, since we literally waited in line 45 minutes back in October at the pumpkin church.) I love all things pistachio, and this Ghost of Christmas Past-achio had been on my mind for weeks. And it was amazing! Jeff got the Candy Cane Cookie Crunch and although his looked prettier, I have a feeling mine was tastier.

Emmie slept about two hours, and Addie slept almost three hours. We actually had to wake her up, so that we could get on with our afternoon/evening. We went over to hang out and have a low-key, chill family dinner night at Grammy & Papa’s house. I really enjoyed just taking it easy and chatting with both my parents, and I really didn’t take too many photos, but we had a very nice night!

I was flabbergasted to open their cheese drawer! They had all these, plus Kraft singles, and about 5 bags of shredded cheese too. It was the cheese mother-load. I never buy more than one pack of sliced cheese at a time, so all these options felt like a treat 🤣

We had soup and sandwiches for dinner, and then Mama helped me make sausage balls, for me to take to a retirement party at my office tomorrow. I had ordered the ingredients (for her recipe) in my grocery order yesterday, but fell asleep this afternoon when I had planned to make them.

We stayed there at there house longer than I planned, because the girls were just being so cute and sweet and silly and didn’t want to leave. So when we got home it was after their bedtime, but we still watched Bluey first and then did our usual routine. I sent Emmie to her room to get settled while I changed clothes, and then I went in there and found her quietly reading a book, like the sweetest little bookworm there ever was.

Even though it was very late, and the girls were both very tired, it still took them a while to completely fall asleep. They’re both asleep now though, and I’m cold and ready to go cuddle up in my favorite blanket for a little time to unwind.

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