Antlers & Snowflakes

Today was “reindeer antlers” day at Gilchrist. Luckily, we already had this headband at home for Emerson. But when little sis saw big sis wearing her headband, she needed something festive of her own too. I just love how sweet Emmie was placing it on her little head for her.

Then Addie found these antlers she made at school last week in the car, and decided to switch over to these when we got to daycare.

Oh I keep forgetting to tell this story… the other day I put on music in the car, and Emerson was like, “What is this mommy?” So I told her it was The Little Drummer Boy. And she thought about it for a second, and was like, “Can you tell me one of his songs I would know?” So then I clarified it was the name of the song, not a band/singer, and she was like, “Oh. Oh! Ohhhh… OH!” She really had to let it sink in. It was so cute though.

We saw Uncle Bo picking up the girls at the same time after school today, and Kensley was so sweet, ushering Addie out to the car, keeping her little hand on her back.

I didn’t actually feel like cooking tonight, but I forced myself to make up a recipe for one-skillet-chicken-and-rice, which turned out fine, but certainly not great. But Emmie really liked it, and I liked it well enough to at least eat it for dinner.

This was both girls saying the blessing together over our meal before eating. Make sure to note both of their sweetly folded little hands. And thanks to Nana for sharing a few paper Christmas plates, to save me washing a few dishes 😉

Both girls put on these stockings like actual socks, and shuffled around the dining room with them on for a few minutes.

We finally got Emerson’s puzzle up on the wall in her room. So just say a prayer and cross your fingers with us that it doesn’t lose it’s hold in the middle of the night and come crashing down to scare the poor girl to death. She also told me she misses the “Emerson” sign we took down, so we’ll have to find a place to put that back up this weekend for her.

But please just look at the precious sleeping girl again tonight. I love seeing her little face so still and peaceful in sleep.

I didn’t end up painting my nails last night, but I’m gonna try to get to it tonight, because they’re driving me nuts, all chipped and peeling…

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