Meatball Subs

After a few quick phone calls to Meggie, Bo & Grammy, Emmie was ready for her day!

Her eye looks kinda bad in this photo, but it was worse in the photo than in real life. First of all, her eyes are always super puffy first thing in the morning, and second, I think the lighting just made it look worse. It’s really about the same as it was yesterday though.

I had leftover chicken & rice for lunch today, that my MIL was sweet enough to pack for me before we left their house last night.

This afternoon I found an article about 15 Trader Joe’s meals that you can make in 10 minutes or less, so I screenshot at least 8 of them to try out, and here are a couple of the ones that I’m most excited to try.

And here are the photos from school, and her daily report…

We had meatball subs & fries for dinner tonight. As much as I love meatball subs (I always have since elementary school), I’ve never thought to make them at home. But it was so easy! Frozen meatballs, a jar of marinara sauce, provolone cheese & sub rolls. And Bam. Subs for dinner! (Admittedly, the rolls were too big, and we need smaller ones next time.)

Emmie’s meal was “deconstructed,” with a tortilla instead of a roll.

Daddy and the boys left for a quick trip to Home Depot, and so mommy and Emmie had arts & crafts time in the bath tub 🤣

She loves when I get all the bubbles in my hands, and then let her play with it. And I love it too, because she’s just so excited about playing with my hands. It’s so sweet!

She “helped” with her warm compress tonight, and then let me put the prescription cream on her eye. Then she ate gummies while I read “Coco.”

I finished listening to my audiobook while washing the dishes, and then Jeff & the boys got back right as I was finishing up. We didn’t watch a movie last night (instead we kinda all just kinda did our own thing), but tonight we’re getting ready to start “The Kid Who Would Be King.”

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