It seemed only fitting to wear this new outfit today, after Emerson’s obsession with her inflatable flamingo over the weekend. We’ve actually had this outfit for a few months (Garanimals brand, from Walmart), but it was too big for her at 12-month size. And even though it’s still a little too big, she was so excited about the “mingo’s!”


She was also excited about the couple of gummy bears Ms. Q gave her at drop-off. Then Ms. Kristin gave her a wipe, and they went off to look for frogs out the back door! Oh also, she seems to have a little stye under her left eye. Luckily we have a great pediatrician (who is also my personal friend), so I texted her a photo asking about it, and she went ahead and called in a cream for her. She also confirmed it was not contagious, so that’s thankfully not an issue.

So we did the cream tonight, and a warm compress, and hopefully we can clear it up quickly! (And if it ever seems like I repeat myself about things {e.g. – explanation of step-sons’ sudden appearance, texting our pediatrician}, it’s because sometimes I can’t remember if I’ve said it recently, and I know I get new, random readers sometimes, so I just want to be clear. So to you long-time, daily readers, like my family & Connie 😉, thanks for your patience reading stuff you probably know just as well as I do!)




Every month for the past three or five (can’t remember) years, my Mama follows a daily scripture writing plan. She also prints it out for each of the ladies in our family. I follow along when I can (although I’m definitely not as consistent as she is), but it really is an amazing, easy way to read more of God’s word. Today, I wrote wrote the verse on a cute post-it at work, and taped it onto my computer, so I can read & re-read this one. God is faithful, and he he not let you be tempted beyond your ability!


On my lunch break, I checked out the one library book I had waiting for me on hold. I mentioned putting this one on hold a few months back, and it’s finally my turn. But I still have sooo many books out right now, and I can’t keep up!


I also walked into the depths of the library to snap a quick picture of this book I was returning, just because I wanted to, even though the holds section is right up front. I stayed up super late a few nights ago finishing this one. And it was really good! Elizabeth Gilbert’s writing was so good – funny, clever, and witty, plus, it fit the time period really well also. The evolution of the main character Vivian was really neat too. At one point, after an especially tense conflict, someone tells her she will never be an interesting person, and Vivian just seems to accept it her whole life. But I believe she absolutely became an interesting person! (She never got married, but she created her own sort of family, she owned a unique business, had strong friendships, and lived well into her 90’s…) This book showed a very strong, flawed, & likable main character, and it is both fun & light, and deep & thoughtful at the same time. Highly enjoyed it! (Also, I love libraries & library books.)


Once I got back to my desk, I ate my leftovers from last night, and worked on my next library book.


And then I had watermelon (my fave!) for my afternoon snack. I got two tubs BOGO at Publix the other day. I didn’t intend to eat this whole thing, but rather save it for multi-day snacking, but I accidentally ate the whole thing this afternoon. It was just so delicious!

Here’s Emerson from one year ago, on her first ever pool day!

And here are a few photos from school…

After work, Jeff’s mom picked up Emerson from school, and I drove home to pick up Ryan & Gabe & Pretzel from the house. Then Jeff got off work around 5:30, and we all headed to his parents house for dinner. Nana made chicken and rice casserole, which is always a hit with our family. It’s the same recipe I use whenever I make it when the boys are here, and we love it!

Emerson ate an entire roll before dinner, and still had a huge serving of chicken & rice, plus another half of a roll.

She asked to get in the pool after dinner, so we got her in her “suit,” and the boys got the pool ready. Ryan shared his ring pop with her, which she loved. Then she played for about 10 minutes, and then she was done! Toddlers just aren’t known for their long attention spans 😉

Since we had driven in different cars, the boys split up and rode with both of us. But Emerson was super upset about that, and when Ryan didn’t get in the car with us, she kept asking “where bubba go?” We had to explain (a few times), that he was with Daddy, and we would see them at home. But she was still upset. Gabe asked her if she wanted him to read, and she said yes, so he read her two books, twice each, and she loved it. It was super sweet.

At home, I got her ready for bed in her mermaid nightgown, and got the prescription eye cream out. And I just thought the directions were weird, “½ inch” every 8 hours… “½ inch?” What a weird instruction!

She wanted to read the same book again that Gabe read in the car, plus our usual Dada book. And just look at this sweet, sleepy little face!

Then she wanted me to sing, so we sang “baa baa black sheep,” and “the itsy bitsy spider,” where she did all the motions. I’d never seen her do them all before, and it was so cute I almost died! (That’s what she’s doing in the first photo below, the first line of “itsy bitsy spider.”)

She fought me for a few minutes to not go to sleep, but Mama won, and after one round of lullabies, she was ready to lay down in her crib. I think going to all start a movie together now, and just relax a little before bedtime.

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