Margherita Pizza

I literally can’t resist taking a photo of a beautiful sunrise. Especially when it’s pink!

Emmie had a few bites of leftover donut at home this morning, and so then she needed some of Aunt Meggie’s water when we got to school.

But then she was ready to go to class!

Jeff got me this canvas for my birthday, with a quote from my favorite Harry Potter character. So today I hung it up in my office at work, and I love it! I can see it from my desk chair, and it makes me smile.

Look at my silly girl being so silly at school today!

And so sweet after her naptime.

My work friends took me out for lunch today for one final birthday meal, and we celebrated with pizza! It was our first time trying this restaurant, and we all really liked it. It’s super cute inside, and the food was yummy. Plus, select pizzas are half-off on Thursdays, and that’s hard to beat! (Also, that is an old wine bottle on the table full of water.)

I got the margherita pizza, which is one of my usual faves. (I’m a huge fan of fresh basil!)

But Tammy gave me a slice of her white pie add sausage, and that was soooo good! That was my favorite today! I couldn’t stop thinking about it all afternoon actually, and really want some more of that white pie add sausage. Also, these pizzas were huge, and we all took home half of our pies.

Emmie got another special field trip up to the front desk at school today, where she held the door-buzzer-opener-thingy, and ate Megan’s extra banana.

And then of course I can’t resist a photo of the sunlight though live oak trees…

At home, Emmie wanted to wear her sheep mittens (which she says “mitten” super adorably) and her unicorn slippers, and play a little bit before dinner time.

She makes the funniest faces, and I love them so much.

We had cheese ravioli and green beans for dinner (I went for the fastest & easiest option after Jeff got stuck at work late), but Emmie wasn’t feeling it. She ended up sitting in Jeff’s lap, watching something random on his phone.

After some dessert though, she perked back up and was acting like her usual silly self. You can see her brownie goatee in the second photo below…

She had just a small amount of bubbles in her bath, and kept repeating “bubble” over and over again in the cutest, sweetest little voice.

(In case you’re curious, I’m wearing a night gown that says, “Alpaca my bags.” Get it?!)

After some bedtime reading and night-night prayers, she wanted Daddy to put her to bed. I washed up all the dishes, and cleaned the kitchen, and worked on a few other things. Writing this blog post tonight has been a little break for me to rest, but now I’m going to get back up and tidy up a few more things. I’m hosting my 3rd annual Galentine’s Tea Party for the ladies in my family on Saturday, and I want the house to be so clean and tidy and lovely! It’s looking pretty good so far, but there’s definitely more to finish up before then.

So now I better get back to it!

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