Baby in a Romper

My sweetie little cutie pie was especially adorable this morning, in one of my current favorite outfits. A baby in a romper is just one of my all-time favorite things.

Poor little girl has really sensitive skin, and her cheeks have been irritated for a couple of weeks now with all this dry, super cold weather. We’ve tried a couple of things (we’re currently trying exzema cream), but nothing has really cleared it up. A friend at church tonight actually told me about some stuff that works for her daughter, and offered to bring me some to try for Emmie. So we’ll see how that works.

My Mama posted another comparison collage of me as a baby 30 years ago, versus Emerson today. And wow, she is my twin baby twin for sure! I love seeing this side-by-side photos of the two of us!

Yesterday at lunch, my Mama and I were talking about messy, and unorganized co-workers, and compared them to our ultra-organized selves. So I snapped this photo of my office today to send to her for proof of my OCD perfection. (And this is how it always looks, I didn’t “stage” at all.)

I enjoyed my Kool Beanz leftovers from last night for lunch today, on my childhood Lion King plate. (It’s one of the very few plastic plates I have, since I don’t want to tote my regular dishware to work in my lunch box.)

This sweet, sleepy girl took a nap for 2 hours and 22 minutes at school today, which is so good! And then that second picture makes me want to scoop her up for sleep cuddles so bad!!

After work, we met the family for dinner at Newk’s before church. Emmie ate her mac & cheese really well, plus fruit, their skinny bread sticks, and a few bites of Grandmommie’s grilled cheese.

You guys. My (pregnant-with-triplets) sister and her hubby took some maternity photos recently, and she finally got them back and posted them tonight, and they’re so stinking gorgeous!!! She posted over 40 photos, but here are a few of my favorites.

We had a great night in choir tonight, and I worked on some tricky second soprano parts. Normally, I always sing alto. But when there is the occasional second soprano part, I try to sing that part, since there are only a few ladies in our choir that can/do. It’s tricky, but it’s fun!

She found one mitten in her bag during church, wore it all the way home, then asked for some cookies before bedtime. We let her have some (of course), and sb was being her usual cute and silly little self.

Please notice she’s standing on my ankle, like a little weirdo.

We read our daily bedtime books (we read her fave “Dada” twice), and then she wanted Daddy to put her to sleep. We said prayers together, I gave her lots of kisses, and then let daddy rock her for a bit, before laying her down for night-night.

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