Biltmore Baby

First thing this morning, I started a new audio book. I’ve read another sci-fi trilogy by this same author that I really loved, so I have high hopes for this one.

Look at this pretty sky this morning!

Emmie wanted to help Ms. Q with the teacher stuff this morning, plus play with dinosaurs.

A while back, so long ago I don’t remember when, my parents went on a little mini to get away to North Carolina. They got Emerson this tiny Biltmore t-shirt, but at the time she was so little, and this 6-month size t-shirt was too huge for her then. I put it away in her drawers, and almost forgot about it until the she finally wore it today. But she’s such a cute little girl in her pink Biltmore baby t-shirt!

I ran to Publix on my lunch break for a few specific things for my tea party. Like fresh Publix croissants. so while I was there at the Lake Ella Publix, I treated myself to Hopkins for lunch. I even ate in the restaurant all by myself, like a grown-up! I was reading on my Kindle app while I ate, but I was still by myself so it still counts.

Emmie loves art time at school!

And she also loves taking her socks and shoes off, and then putting them back on by herself. She was practicing at school today.

And then after a visit up to see Aunt Meggie, she had to be bribed to go back to class with one of her favorite teachers, Miss Deandra, and a banana.

An old high school friend is starting her daughter Maddie at Growing Room next week, so they went by for a visit today. Maddie is two months younger than Emerson, so she will be in the same class with her. Allie snapped this photo of the girls meeting for the first time, and they’re so cute! Allie also just told me Emmie got jealous when Ms. Q held Maddie, so Allie held Emmie until they were ready to switch. Then Emmie was all sweet and smiley and waving bye-bye when they left. So cute!

After I picked her up this afternoon, we ran into Trader Joe’s for a few things real quick. Emmie got mad at me when I wouldn’t open this box of crackers, even though we got crackers from the sample lady in the store. Look at these faces!

But she was happy again once we were at home with Daddy, eating Chick-fil-A nuggets and waffle fries.

We did a little cleaning (which she “helped” with) after dinner, plus some playing and book reading. Then we got this cutie dressed for bed in her might gown, and read a few more night-night books.

On Wednesday, I placed a Walmart pick-up order, scheduled for tonight at 6pm. Right at 6pm I got a notification the order was delayed. I called at 10 minutes till 8pm (which is when they stop doing the pickup for the night), and a very unhelpful, un-friendly staff member told me they were short-staffed, my order wasn’t ready, and there was no one there to finish it. he didn’t really even know what to do about it at that point. I called corporate to ask about the situation, and she said there was basically nothing we could do about it. She said she would give me a $10 promo code and cancel my order. So I went ahead and did that begrudgingly.

Right at 9 p.m., I got a call from one of the managers at my local Walmart, and he asked if I wanted the order to be filled tomorrow instead. By this point, I had already sent Jeff to Publix for the five items I had to have for my tea party, and canceled the remainder of my Walmart order. The manager then told me he would give me a $25 credit for the inconvenience in my delayed / cancelled order. It was super frustrating, but at least they did right and gave me the two different credits for my future orders. There are still groceries that we need for our normal everyday life, but at least Jeff was able to get the things I needed for my tea party for tomorrow.

I’ve been working hard again on cleaning & tidying, and making everything spit-spot. I’m almost done for the night, but then I’ll have a lot longer list of things to do in the morning. But I’m super excited to have everyone over, and enjoy a nice ladies tea party brunch!

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