Longhorn Birthday Dinner

Y’all already know I love pretty blue morning skies with clouds & sunlight, so I’ll just leave this right here…

Emmie was playing dress-up for a bit at school this morning, and then found a ball she really liked.

Then tonight we met up for dinner at Longhorn, for Jeff’s dad’s birthday dinner!

Side note/ PSA – a sweet old man stopped by the table & was talking to Emerson as she sat in her high chair. She was smiling & waving at him, and just generally being her cute self. And he was friendly. But he looked like he was trying to reach out and touch her hand. And I got a little freaked out. I mean he was nice, but he was still a stranger wanting to touch my one-year-old’s hand. The same hand she was about to eat dinner with. Thankfully he didn’t touch her, but it still worried me. With all the germs, illnesses, viruses and crap, I don’t need strangers passing that to my baby. She was hospitalized this time last year with a serious virus (I need to blog about that…), and we don’t wanna do that again! So here’s the PSA part – don’t touch babies unless you ask the parents. Simple as that. Please & thank you!

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog post…

We had a great dinner with them, and we enjoyed our time together! Emerson made it through most of the meal, but we did have to take turns walking around with her when she got a little fussy & antsy. She loved the giant steer heads on the walls, and liked to “sneak” up on the one in the very back of the restaurant.

Once we got home, she took her little puppy on a quick walk around the kitchen while she waited for her milk to heat up.

Afterwards, she sucked down her hot milk, and once I said her night night prayers, she was ready to lay down in her crib.

I’m going to go wash a few of the leftover dishes from yesterday, that I was too exhausted after the baby shower to deal with. Then I’ll be ready to crawl in bed, hopefully a little early, and do some reading!

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