Going Green & Guthrie’s with Nana

OK first of all, I love using illiterations. I could talk more about that, but I’ll save that for another day… I know you must all be waiting for that with bated breath, right??

Anyways, this week, it’s Go Green week at daycare, and today all the babes were supposed to wear green from head to toe. Luckily, both of these cute pieces were in the bag of stuff from last night, so I paired them together for a fun, green outfit, and I love it! The pants are just adorable! This was my cute girl at school drop-off this morning…

And then after school, she fell asleep in the car, while we listened to the audiobook of “Ready Player One.” We’re about 85% through already, and we’ve both really liked it so far. I’ll share more when we finish in another day or so. For now I’ll just say, my nerd husband is in hog heaven.

Jeff’s mom texted us earlier in the day about doing dinner together tonight, while my FIL is out of town. So while we waited on her to get to our house, we spent a few minutes tidying up the living room (still didn’t get those clothes put away off the coffee table) & kitchen, and I washing some of zillion Tupperware’s from cleaning out the fridge out last night. Then she showed up with chicken finger dinners from Guthrie’s! And it was her first time ever eating from there, and of course she loved it!

The doggie on the left in the photo below is my in-laws Doxie, Buddy. Mrs. Nita had taken him for a nail trim, so she brought him with her to our house. Quick story – Buddy & Pretzel actually used to have the same owners, but were taken to the Jefferson County Humane Society, after their owner was supposedly murdered. Then on February 13, 2016, Jeff and I went with Mrs. Nita to an adoption event at PetSmart, looking for a second dog for her. But we ended up falling in love with our little boy, so we adopted the two Doxie brothers together on the same day!

After supper time, we did lots of playing, and practiced walking. And Emerson was just tickled to death having two puppies to chase after and laugh at.

She was fighting bedtime tonight, HARD, and Jeff and I had to take turns trying to get her down. I rocked her and loved her for about 30 minutes, and tried twice to lay her down, but both times she popped right back up and cried for me. So then it was Daddy’s turn. I wrote this blog while he was rocking her, but then I finally heard her calming down, and she seems to be out now. Hopefully she’s down for the night, and we can all get some good rest.

Tomorrow is Friday, hooray!

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