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You probably remember (because it was just last week), my parents went out of town to Dallas, TX, for the annual Southern Baptist Convention. They went with our pastor and his wife, my aunt & uncle, and two other families from our church. Tonight, we didn’t have choir, so that we could all attend the report meeting to hear about the convention from Pastor Ronny.

Here’s a few quick stats: almost 10,000 “Messengers” attended from around the county, which was the most since the 2010 convention. (“Messengers” are voting members of the Southern Baptist churches. “Guests” can also attend, but not vote.) Bradfordville sent 10 messengers and three guests. We commissioned 79 new international missionaries. Which is a great thing, because there are 2.8 billion people in the world with little to know knowledge of the gospel.

Anyways, we talked about a lot, and it was very interesting to hear. One thing I thought was cool and hadn’t heard of before was not just church planting, but church re-planting. This means sending people to rejuvenate churches that are dying, in places that still need those churches, instead of just closing the doors. I just thought that idea of re-planting was really interesting.

And now let’s just look at some cute photos of my adorable baby girl! This was her just being silly on the way to school this morning…

Emerson is still trying to figure out how to use her sippy cup, and so she was practicing in the car on the way to church. She was actually doing it right tonight, but would then open her mouth and just let the water fall out. What a weirdo baby!

And look at all these “new-to-us” clothes! These are hand-me-downs on loan from my friend Emily at church, from her two little girls. They are almost 2 & 3, and so they’re the perfect age to share clothes with Emmie. And they’ve generously done that this past year! I got them all sorted and separated, and laid out on the coffee table. Since Emerson is asleep, I’ll wait and put them away tomorrow night. But I’m excited for her to grow into some of these super cute clothes!

Also, we chucked all the leftovers and weird sauces out of the fridge tonight, since tomorrow is trash day. Now the fridge is nicer & brighter & cleaner, and it makes me feel better. But now I have about a zillion Tupperware’s to wash, sooo… Night night friends!

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