Sweet Like Mommy

Today’s post is going to be just mostly about Emerson, but y’all are OK with that right? Ok good, I thought so. She wore the most adorable outfit today with spaghetti straps and flower pants. And she was just too much cuteness! The onesie said “sweet like Mommy,” which I loved. I may not always be sweet, but I know my girl certainly is! She’s just the sweetest!!

After we picked her up from school, we ran by TJ Maxx to exchange Jeff’s Father’s Day shirt, which worked out a better deal for him, because he got 2 instead of 1 tonight. And while I waited in the long, slow line, Daddy carried Emmie around, while she carried this ice cream cone pet toy. So adorable!

At home we played a little and made supper. We had beef tips & gravy over white rice, and fresh steamed broccoli with that spray butter stuff. It was delicious. Fresh steamed broccoli is definitely my favorite veggie, by the way. And Emmie absolutely loved the rice & gravy! I gave her so many much bites, and then she fussed when it was all gone from all our plates.

Emerson is now asleep, Jeff is in the front room helping someone with computer stuffs, and I get to just take it easy & catch up on some Netflix. And then I’ll do a little reading before bedtime later. Goodnight y’all!

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