Wild Friday Night

This morning, they were eating breakfast early at daycare, so we got to see Emerson get started on her blueberry muffin and apples. All the babies sit around the tables together, in their little chairs, and it’s just so precious!

We also got the next two photos sent to us from the school, while they were having their green Jell-O for snack, to end their Go Green week. My sister Megan texted me and said Emmie LOVED the Jell-O, and was grabbing it by the fistful!

Once we got home tonight, we had dinner together at the table (Emmie went to town on some BBQ chicken fingers), while listening to 80’s hits on our new Amazon FireTV Cube. Alexa made a playlist on the TV, and it was some good sing-a-long music. Then we all walked around the backyard together for a bit (before we started dripping in sweat too much), and I cut some fresh flowers from our overflowing hydrangea bush! And then we came back inside to play a little before Emmie’s bed time.

After she was asleep, we finished listening to the last 15 minutes of “Ready Player One,” and it was so good! I liked it a lot, but not quiiiiite five stars worth. So, maybe like 4.5 stars, except Goodreads doesn’t actually do half stars. Either way, it was really good. Once the movie is out on DVD next month, we’ll definitely go get it from Redbox, so we can watch it as soon as possible after “reading” it.

And then I went and sat in my car, in the carport, for about thirty minutes… I’m singing a solo at a church women’s event in the morning, and I needed some more rehearsal time, but I didn’t want to risk singing too loud & waking up the baby girl! I feel comfortable with the song now, and I’m excited for the event in the morning. Now I’m blogging & drinking some hot tea with the honey from the farmers market, and getting some rest on this wild Friday night!

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