Emerson’s First Day of VPK

I don’t know how this has happened, but somehow Emerson is now old enough for VPK! And today was the first day! She moved to a new classroom, and got new teachers, and some new friends in her class too. She was very excited this morning, and did great at drop-off.


She said she wants to be either a doctor or a nurse when she grows up, but she doesn’t know which one. Her favorite colors are pink, purple and blue. And her favorite color is a bunny.

And Baby Sister had a good morning too!

And then we got this photo in our parent app, and she looks so cute!

In contrast, Facebook showed me this on my memories today, from four years ago, when she was only one month old. And I almost died at the teensy little squish!

Some more of Nana’s homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch, with buttered toast and my Kindle book.

We had tortellini and alfredo with salad and garlic toast for dinner. Daddy was holding Addison, and Emerson and I were singing along to Sound of Music while we ate dinner, as per the usual. She was like, “Guess my favorite food.” I said, “Well of course it’s gotta be cheese noodles!” She was like “NOPE, close!” So I guessed butter noodles, and she said, “NOPE, close!” So I guessed “alfredo noodles,” and she again told me “nope, close.” I finally said, “Well you’ll just have to tell me, because I’m confused!” So she said, “COTTON CANDY!”

At the end of the “So Long, Farewell” song, Emerson was singing “GOODBYYYEEE!!!!” at the top of her lungs, and her and I were both dying laughing at her. This is the “GOODBYYYYEE!!!!” face 😉

Her and I colored for a bit after dinner together. On the way home tonight, we talked about how she would start learning to read this year. I told her that Mommy loved reading and asked if she would love it to. She told me, “I will love to read bunny books. If there’s a bunny book at the store that we don’t have, and we don’t know where the store is, we can get a map and then get to the store to get the favorite bunny book.”



And she wanted to show off some of the things she made at school today. I am so impressed with her letter-writing! She told me “A” is for apple, alligator and Andrew.

Grammy was a little emotional this morning, but I told her it hadn’t really hit me yet. I think everything was all happening so fast, and everything was so chaotic, that it was all blurred together. But then tonight, when I read this little poem, and saw how well she did writing her “A’s” and her name, it finally hit me and I started tearing up!

She colored some more at the coffee table, and we watched a little bit of Tarzan, and then did a little photo shoot for Addison.

When we “announced” the names we picked for both girls, I spelled their names out with Scrabble tiles (well, actually, Bananagrams tiles), with a cute little outfit. And then with Emerson, I laid her down on this same blanket with her letter tiles, so I knew I had to do the same thing with Addison!

She was a perfect little angel-baby for her photo shoot tonight, and I love that she was even in almost the exact same position, with her arms thrown up and out. Emerson was about two weeks old her in photos, and Addison is three months old, but I love that I was able to do this for both girls!

One of my church friends texted me the other day, saying she had a small gift for me, and could she meet me at the office one day. She works in the same building as Megan, just a couple of blocks away, so she walked over today for my afternoon break, and surprised me with another one of my favorite Laurel candles from the Laurel Mercantile! It was such a truly thoughtful and sweet gift, and I was so genuinely surprised and appreciative! (Make sure to read her super sweet card, too.) Thank you again so much, Jane!!

And since she got me a new one, of course I had to light and burn my old one, and really get the most enjoyment out of my favorite scent!

We actually had a pretty rough bedtime with Emerson tonight, and it took about 30 minutes or a little more, to get her settled and calm and ready for sleep. I’m thinking maybe it was just because of a day full of new things and changes, and it just took it’s toll on her late tonight. Emerson fell asleep fast once she finally gave up, Addison fell asleep instantly after finishing her bottle, and I got all the dishes washed up. Time for some rest now…

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