Sunday Best

Sweet little baby sister had herself a 2am  bottle late last night, and then again at 6am. And then she immediately zonked back out on the couch, with her bib still on and everything. Emmie tucked her little pink sock monkey in with her too.

We might have been a few minutes late to church this morning, but we all got up and dressed and made it there!

Which was followed by lunch at Gordo’s with the family, and the most delicious Cuban sandwich, with Gordo’s sauce of course.

A little mini photoshoot of both of my girls when we got home, before we all changed out of our Sunday Best into our soft comfy clothes for a little nap/rest time.

Emmie napped for almost two hours today, and although Addie wouldn’t take her bottle very well for me, she did eventually fall asleep in my arms, and then I dozed off on the couch too. I was able to lay her down after a while, and then Emmie woke up and watched Daniel Tiger on her Kindle in the princess castle.

After a super quick run to pick up our grocery order for the week, we got the cold stuff put away, and then went over to Jeff’s parents’ house to hang out and have dinner with them.

She asked me for this hair-do specifically, and even showed me how to  do it. Her hair might be a little long for this little sprout, but she’s still super cute.

Why does she look SO GROWN UP in this photo!?!? But also so adorable and beautiful!

A couple of funny things she said today… “I had a beautiful dream – it was about butterflies and unicorns and rainbows.” And the later, before leaving Nana’s house, she said, “Just in case I got poopy and it’s stinky, I’m gonna turn the fan on.”

After some delicious Chinese take-out, and some movie watching time after dinner, we headed back home to our house. We got Emmie changed into her jammies, she grabbed some cookies for “bassert,” and we read a book for her bedtime routine.

So I never painted my nails last night, so I need to do that tonight. I also need to update our little letterboard, so I can take some first day of VPK photos with that and Emerson tomorrow morning, because yes, she starts VPK tomorrow! I don’t know how she got SO big SO fast, but I’d really like her to just slow that down…


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