Christmas Choir Kickoff

Pastor Ronny started a new sermon series at church this morning, all about the animals we find in the Bible. This first message was about eagles, and it was a great one. My grandmother has always loved eagles, so I grew up looking at photos, paintings and sculptures of them in her house. Pastor Ronny used her favorite verse, Isaiah 40:31, which I’ve also had memorized practically my entire life. The thing that stuck out to me the most today, was that eagles learn to fly by falling, over & over again, and that’s also how we’ll learn to soar!

Today at church, my mom’s best friend (who my sister and I actually call Aunt Jane), told me she never goes to bed before reading my blog each night. And I loved hearing that! I know lots of y’all read my little journal posts (based on # of page views each day), but I don’t always know who is reading, so I love finding out! Feel free to let me know who you are, because I love to know!

After church, Pepaw gave Emerson her very own pumpkin donut hole, and she went to town on that thing!

We then tried to keep her awake the whole drive home, by blasting and singing “The Macarena” and using shakers, but she somehow managed to still fall asleep, even in the midst of all that!

But miraculously, she barely woke up when we got her out of the car at home (normally she wakes up the second the car stops moving), and daddy was able to get her back to sleep, and in her crib pretty quickly.

I was also able to take a little couch nap myself, which was much-needed. We both woke up in time to share a few Veggie Straws for snack, and then we had to load up in the car.

And then she spent a few hours hanging out with Grammy & Pepaw…

While Jeff and I went back out to church, for the Singing Christmas Tree choir kickoff! Our church does this every year, and we love participating in it. (If you don’t know what it is, it’s literally a giant steel-frame tree that we climb up inside of, and sing Christmas songs. Below is a photo from last year, but without any people in it.)

After choir, we met up with them for dinner, at one of our usual places. And Emmie really went crazy for her baked potato tonight!

And then she needed just a little bit more applesauce on the way out…

And then she kept biting the nose of her little puppy dog she loves so much. She was being so cute & silly with it.

We finally just started actually brushing her teeth this weekend (yes, we should have started a while ago, don’t judge us), but she loves it! I always do it for her first, and she opens her mouth and just lets me go at it. Then I give it to her, to let her try, which she also seems to like. So cute!

We read our new pumpkin book again before bedtime tonight, and then once she had her bottle of hot milk, she was ready to just be laid in her crib! That’s her new preference now – for us to hold & love her for a few, brief minutes, but then she wants her space to fall asleep on her own. My baby is growing up!

Speaking of, she is 14 months old today! These photos are getting harder to take, because she doesn’t have 5 spare seconds to sit still for Mommy!

She’s wearing 6-9m size clothes, size 2 diapers, weighs 16-ish lbs (4th percentile), and is 28 inches tall. She is walking everywhere and is super busy all the time. She’s eating lots of food, and loves drinking from a straw. She’s still sleeping through the night (praise the Lord!), and has fully recovered from surgery. She’s the light of our lives!

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