Baby Shower Brunch

This morning, we woke up to realize we didn’t have any breakfast food in the house. So Jeff & Emmie hopped in the car & ran to Chick-fil-A for us, while I hopped in the shower and got myself dressed and ready. I had a delicious chicken breakfast burrito, and Emmie loved the chicken mini buns.

Then I went to a baby shower for my friend Sara! Her & her husband Levon used to be in our Sunday school class at church, until they moved to New York City, almost two years ago. She is due in November, and came down to Florida this weekend, for the baby shower her sister & mom threw for her. It was rainbow themed, and so cute! We had yummy food, and lots of good chats with other church friends.

While I was gone for a few hours in the middle of the day, Emmie and daddy stayed home, and she napped. Daddy just relaxed. We all played for a while when I got home, then headed out to Walmart for some essentials like toilet paper, paper towels, and diapers. This cute little old man was checking receipts on the way out, and him & Jeff we’re just chatting it up. He was so sweet. Oh, and we made a pit stop at Dunkin Donuts first, because I hadn’t had any caffeine yet, and I was practically about to fall asleep. Thier new fall flavors are in, and I got maple pecan iced coffee, which was super yummy.

After a little bit more play time at home, I got Emmie to go down for her second nap of the day, which meant I also got to curl up on the couch for a nap! It was only about an hour, and it wasn’t a great nap for me, but it was nice to just be still and enjoy my cute house in the quiet afternoon.

And then she was up & running & ready to play some more!

We had Stouffer’s enchilada bake for dinner, and it turned out really good. Emmie loved it, and ate really well. She also had some of her current favorite fruit – Mandarin oranges. And she was covered in juice when she was done, so we went straight to the bathtub.

I shared on my Instagram story and took a poll, so I’d like to share here too & get some feedback, just because I’m curious… Mamas – if you know your kid peed in the tub a tiny little bit, what do you do? Do you drain it & start over? Or just leave it & keep going? Tonight, the second I put her in, while she was still standing up, I watched her do it, but just a teeny amount. I was just kinda like, oh well! And kept on going… Is that terrible?!

After bath time, while waiting on her bottle of milk to heat up, we read our new book we picked up at Walmart this afternoon. I decided I want to buy one fall book and one Christmas book each year, to build up a nice little collection through the years! This one was only $6, and it’s really cute, with little flaps to lift to search for pumpkins.

She went straight to sleep tonight after her milk, and was just so cute & sweet. And now, it’s Saturday night movie time for Mommy & Daddy!

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