Pizza & Wings

Jeff and I carpooled again for the first time since June, and Emerson had some reading to do in the car on the way to school today.

Then she was ready to get going in her classroom, and see all the things! She checked out some posters to practice her colors and alphabet, and then headed over to the kitchen to cook breakfast. Her teacher Miss Q told her she’d like some eggs, so Emmie got to work straight away.

And then I worked like crazy from 8-5, and took no photos! After picking up Emmie from daycare, she was exhausted, and fell asleep on the way home. Jeff’s parents brought pizza & wings, and came over to our house to have dinner with us. They stayed a chatted for a while before & after Emmie went to sleep, and it was good to spend time with them!

Two weeks after her surgery, her neck is looking great. The glue is almost completely gone, and the incision itself will barely be noticable in a short time!

I have a fall candle burning, I’m comfy cozy on the couch, and Jeff and I are finishing up the Parks & Rec series, for the umpteenth time. Happy weekend friends!

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