Chill Labor Day

We had the most chill day today, recovering from our whirlwind road trip – I certainly did not do any labor on this Labor Day. Jeff and the girls picked up Donut Kingdom for breakfast in their jammies, and they were so good. (Look closely at the back of Addie’s head, to see her cute little bedhead.)

Then we literally just lazed about for three hours, doing almost close to nothing. The girls played and we played with them and we watched “Wreck It Ralph” on Disney+.

I finally got up to make some lunch, and scrounged up a few pretty good things. I also learned through some Google research, that you can make Kraft mac & cheese with cream cheese as a butter substitute, if you’re completely out of butter like I was. And these jalapeno cheddar chicken sausages from Walmart were way more delicious than we were even expecting.

After lunch was nap time for the girls, and Jeff ran to his parents’ house to let our their dogs (they actually went to Jax for just one day to visit family), and I was the laziest couch potato the whole time. Emmie napped for 2 hours, and Addie napped for 3 hours, and I eventually had to wake her up.

Then it was time to make a visit out to Grammy and Papa’s house, since we hadn’t seen them in a few weeks. It had also been a long time since Grammy had had a good coffee, so we brought her a special frozen mocha from Dunkin as a treat. We swam for a bit, and then had a sandwich buffet for dinner. We had such an easy, chill evening together, and it just felt like such a special time!

Grammy also gave them these new nightgowns, and their so soft and cute and cozy in them.

The girls were exhausted from swimming and playing so hard this afternoon/evening, and went to bed so sweet and easily once we got home. We had a late-night Walmart grocery pickup order, so Jeff ran out to pick that up after we got the girls to sleep. So he’ll be home in a minute, and we’ll get everything put away and ready for a new week. At least it’s only a four-day work week!

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