Bicycle, Bubbles & Burgers

Beautiful girl in a beautiful unicorn dress she got her for birthday! We had a great morning at Sunday school and church, and I loved singing on the praise team this morning.

We had lunch with the family at Pepper’s after church today, and I stuffed myself on chips and salsa and this delicious chicken quesadilla.

We got Emerson down for her nap once we got home, and I fed Addison a bottle. I held her for a bit after she finished, then swaddled her for her nap, and laid down for a nap myself too.

After we all woke up and got moving late this afternoon, Emmie wanted some more practice learning to ride her new tricycle. We went over to the street in front of our neighbors house where it’s flat, but it started raining pretty quickly after that. So I backed the car out of the carport, so she could bike around in there. She kept getting frustrated and mad when she couldn’t get started, but once she got moving, she could really get goin’!



What a ragamuffin!

It started lightning then, so we headed back inside to be safe. She wanted to bust out her giant art kit she got for her birthday from some of her church friends, and do some art.

And then we loaded up and went out to Relish Burgers for dinner. We had been given some gift cards from our worship pastor at church, so thank you to them for our dinner tonight! Baby Sister slept through the first half of it, and then just sat there and looked around all sweet for the second half. Big Sister was an absolute crazy person in there, but she ate almost the entire burger, so I was happy about that!



Emmie had a bath when we got home, since she got so messy and sweaty outside, and then we got her ready for bedtime.

We read her new Biscuit book and she cuddled with her Biscuit doggy, both of which were birthday gifts from one of her church friends.

Baby sister wasn’t quite ready to go to sleep, so she just chilled in the living room in her Boppy, looking out the back sliding glass door, giving us a few little smiles here and there.

Jeff’s been trying to get her to take her bottle and settle down for sleep, but she’s been fighting him. So I’m off to try my hand at it now, and hopefully we can get her to calm down and fall asleep soon. The girls’ clothes are both all picked out for the upcoming week, and their bags are mostly packed. We’ll make up all of her bottles for tomorrow later tonight. We’ll still have a few things to pack up tomorrow for my own stuff, but we’re mostly done so that’s always good to get stuff taken care of the night before.


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