Snowy Cabin

Nana came over early this morning, to pick up Jeff, to travel to bring the boys back here for the Christmas break. She stopped to get Chick-fil-A breakfast on her way over, and picked up food for the girls and me too. Please look at how precious they are, sharing their Sprite together.

A little bit of mid-morning reading…

Then Grandmommie came over to spend some time with us. She played with the girls, so I could do a few chores like start some laundry and re-do the dining room table. Then she stayed home with the girls, while I picked up our Walmart grocery order, and grabbed stuff at the Dollar Tree for everyone’s stocking stuffers. By the time I got all the groceries put away, the girls were hungry and it was time for lunch.

I got Addison down for a nap very easily after lunch, and although I made Emerson lay down and attempt to nap, she never fell asleep. So instead, she came out and drank hot tea with me and Grandmommie, and the three of us finished our cute cozy Christmas puzzle together! I really loved this adorable snowy cabin scene – it was just so festive and cozy.

I spent some time washing up a huge load of dishes, and then Grandmommie headed home around mid-afternoon. Emmie and I were watching a movie on the couch, but eventually I fell asleep. She let me rest and went to play on her Kindle, and Addie took a super long nap, for like 3.5 hours. I woke up to this nice afternoon sunlight, streaming through the windows behind the Christmas tree.

And then once Addison finally woke up, we just had to go back out into the backyard, since it was like 75 degrees this afternoon! There’s this fun little part in the back corner of the yard that’s kinda canopied over with vines and limbs and stuff, and it’s fun little hideaway spot that the girls love to hang out in.

They “invited” me up there today, and these first two photos are Addie beckoning me in, and then holding a tiny vine aside so I could walk in. Then once we were back there, she was like, “Look it’s so bootiful. I like da flowers on da gate.”

Jeff, Nita and the boys got home around 5:30 or so, and the girls were SO excited to have them back here in Florida with us! (They live with their mom full-time in South Carolina, and come visit us during holidays and school breaks. They are twin 17-year-olds, and the girls love them and look up to them so much.) We ordered a few pizza’s for dinner, along with some cheesy bread.

The girls hopped into the bath tub after dinner, and I got them all scrubbed up and smelling so good. Then of course it was all our usual bedtime stuff, like Bluey and prayers and lullabies.

I guess I’m going to disassemble our Christmas puzzle now, and maybe start laying out the pieces for a new one. I’ve been saving a Hogwarts one for years, to do with the boys, and since they’ll be here for two full weeks this time, I think now’s the perfect time to finally attempt the 1,000-piece monster.

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