Fresh Air

I made scrambled egg sandwiches for Jeff and the girls, and then made egg-in-the-hole for myself, using the last of the sourdough bread we had stashed away. Plus some leftover bacon & strawberries too. And it was amazing. (The boys don’t wake up early enough for breakfast, and if they do, they just skip it an wait for lunch.)

Then I’m not really sure where the rest of the morning went… I know Emmie and I washed up a ton of dishes together, and Jeff and Addie picked up our weekly grocery order. The boys both woke up at some point and showered and dressed, and then they helped get the groceries unloaded and put away. Then we decided to head to an early lunch at Whataburger, which was Ryan & Gabe’s choice, since they don’t have one near their city in SC.

And then I’m not really sure where the rest of the afternoon went after that either. Jeff and the boys went over for a little visit with Nana & PopPop, and I got Addison to sleep in her bed for the first time in like, 5 days. Emerson did a little crafting in her room, then helped me tidy the living room, and we watched a movie after that.

Once Addie woke up, it was after 4pm, so we took the girls to our local neighborhood park, since Addie was feeling a little better, and everyone needed some fresh air!

Somehow, we forgot to take a picture on Christmas day, so this is all we’ve gotten this whole week the boys have been with us.

Ryan was very intent on getting a good picture of this beautiful cardinal.

Emmie picked this cutie little purple flowers, and then presented them to me with this sweet little gap-tooth face.

Then Ryan picked the cute little white flowers to add to my tiny bouquet.

Raising Cane’s is another place the boys don’t have in their city, but like to eat when they’re down here with us, so that’s what we did for dinner tonight.

Addie had a relatively quick little playtime in the bath with Emmie, but then once we got Addie out, Emmie put in fresh warm water, and a bath bomb (she got like, 15 of them for Christmas), and she stayed in by herself for quite a while longer. Both girls were dried and dressed in some clean, fresh jammies, and we got settled to watch some Bluey before bedtime.

Emmie was super sleepy tonight, and by now, I’m sure she’s been totally and completely asleep for about 20 minutes. Addie on the other hand, has been quite a handful this week, only wanting Daddy to hold her about 95% of the time, and really fighting and freaking out if anyone else tries to hold her. She also hasn’t wanted to sleep in her own bed (hence the excitement over her nap in her own bed today), so that’s been really tricky too. Oh and even though they lowered her mattress last night, she did still crawl out very easily…. Really, really hoping and praying we can get her to sleep in her bed tonight.

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