Six Stockings

Well, early this morning, we did finally take Addison to the doctor’s office, after many multiple days of fevers. Turns out, she has an ear infection. My guess is that she just had a cold at the beginning of the week, and it turned into an infection by last night/this morning. So while we waited for the pharmacy to fill the antibiotic prescription, we had some breakfast at Chick-fil-A.

After breakfast, and picking up the meds, I took Jeff and Addie back home to rest. She was asleep just two minutes after I left the house.

And I went over to pick up Emerson, from Aunt Suzanne & Uncle Keith’s house, where Grandmommie is staying for a few days.She discovered she loves hot breakfast tea, so she had some tea and pizza for lunch, while I sat and visited with them for a bit.

Then Emmie and I hit up the 75% off Christmas sales at Hobby Lobby. For yearrrrrrs, I’ve wanted to get our family new, nicer stockings (we have just had Dollar Tree ones the whole 10 years we’ve been married), but I can never find any at prices I was willing to pay… But today, we found all sorts of good things, at great prices! We got 6 stockings, 4 ornaments (coffee, burger, Bluey & unicorn), 2 mugs, 2 boxes, 1 napkin holder, and 1 tablecloth, all for $54.

Addie napped for about two hours this morning just holding Daddy, and then stayed with him just snuggling for most of the day after that. Once Emmie and I got home, she wanted to snuggle Mommy, so I scooped her up and got comfy in the recliner, and put on the last half of “White Christmas” quietly in the background (I started it last night), while everyone else just kinda did their own thing.

Addie napped on me for about an hour, and once she woke up, she wanted her Daddy back. (She’s always been a Daddy’s girl, but it’s even more so right now while she’s not feeling well.) Emmie and I then spent almost an hour in her bedroom, putting away all of the clean clothes Jeff washed & folded yesterday, then cleaning up a bunch of stuff, boxing up things to donate, and unpacking some of her new Christmas gifts. I took a break about halfway through that, to spend 10-ish minutes in the kitchen, putting together our favorite cheesy chicken & rice casserole for dinner.

Jeff helped get the stuff ready for some side salads while Addison wanted to hold me more, Gabe put the donation boxes in my trunk, and Ryan helped Emerson finish up in her room. Then when dinner was all finished and dished up, we were very glad Addie came to the table, and actually ate food! She finished the first helping I gave her, then Jeff scooped more for her from his own plate, and she finished all of that too.

After dinner, I sat in the dining room reading and playing on my phone, and enjoying the last few days of our Christmas tree. We decided today we’d take it all down on Monday, so I wanna soak it all in while it’s still up.

Addie has recently been climbing out of her crib, thanks to learning how from her big sister. We moved the wicker basket from next to the crib, that she used as a stepping stool, thinking that would solve the issue. But she still figured out how to climb out, hang down and then drop, even without anything to step onto. So tonight, Jeff and Gabe lowered it the last few inches (which I didn’t even realize it wasn’t all the way down already), and Jeff also ordered a little toddler rail thing, so we can convert it to a toddler bed instead of crib.

We had our customary Bluey time before bed, and then in no time, my baby girl was asleep again, and my biggest girl was very sleepy and ready for bed.

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